Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well here I am in Nova Scotia visiting family and there is snow ... and it snowed all day yesterday.  WOOHOO.  Rachel has been out playing with her cousins - Jason made them forts and they had a blast playing well into the dark.  The snow is so beautiful falling and I love going outside and listening to all the muted sounds of the city.  It is quite chilly but we are loving it!!!  I am sure we will be happy to return to the warmth of Texas when the break is done - but for now we are getting our fill of the white stuff.  I am sure there will be a snowman soon!

Since my mother is Catholic ... we celebrated St Paddy's Day yesterday ... the Church said you can't celebrate during Holy Week ... so the parade was yesterday and mom made us all Irish coffee last night after dinner ... the only redeeming part of hat was the heavy whipped cream!!  Although my sister thought it was quite yummy - I was not quite into the coffee and Irish whiskey.

Rachel's cousins return to school tomorrow so we are heading back to Jason's parents house to relax there for a few days.  Then it will  be back to the city to go see Hannah Montana the Movie, decorate eggs and have general fun with the cousins.  Easter will be spent with my sister's family at her house - my mom will join us there.  

There is the update from Canada ... I will upload pictures when I can ... Jennifer is having a busy baseball weekend ... can't wait to see those pics!!  Jackson's 1st baseball weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Hanging out with family is the best!