Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

We got really busy the last few days before Christmas, but I still got all my photos taken. This project has been really fun for me and I think I want to make it a new tradition for my December.
Here are the final 5 days before Christmas -
5 days Before - we made these really cute button trees from my scrapbooking stash. They boys had a blast making them! They are all unique and individual just like each of our sons too.
4 days Before - Christmas deliveries make me HAPPY! These are the fabulous glitter cups I had made for Amy and Christie (and myself too) They finally arrived today and I am thrilled with how they turned out.

3 days Before - When Amy was here for Thanksgiving she bought a coffee table at this fun shop in Wichita and we needed to deliver it down to OK for them. I decided to make a quick trip of it with the boys and deliver the table and their Christmas gifts from our family. We took the opportunity to drive downtown in OKC to see this really cool Lego show. The boys and Rachel had so much fun seeing all the creations. This Capitol building piece was a favorite! 2 days Before - My sister Natalie and her husband, Mitch arrived to spend the Christmas weekend with us. The boys are ecstatic to have them at the house to play with as much as they want! 1 day Before - We spend Christmas Eve with my parents and I took the opportunity with so many able photographers to grab a quick family photo. These boys make my heart sing and I love spending time with our family! Christmas Morning - New jammies, fully stockings, and expectant little boys! It doesn't get much better than this!Now I get to choose just how to put this great little book together! I can't wait to dig through my Christmas stash and find some fun goodies to make these 13 photos shine. I have some additional journaling to add along with our Christmas/New Year's photo this year. I will definitely post when I am done.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!
xo, Jen

Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 and 7 days before Christmas

This weekend was filled with lots of Christmas preparations and traditions and I had a hard time choosing just one photo for each day, but here goes!

On Saturday evening we hopped in the van to go check out Christmas lights around town. We made our favorite stops but also found this great house out west here. The family has their lights set to music and it is a spectacular show. I hope to maybe see it again later this week too.

Today we decided to do a bit of Christmas grocery shopping. Ken and I got away for a short time and headed to Dillons. It was surprisingly not busy there and I was thankful for that for sure. A little Starbucks kept me company along the way too. A good start to our baking/cooking traditions this week.

Can you tell I am really having fun with this? See you tomorrow!
xo, Jen

Saturday, December 18, 2010

8 days before Christmas

It has become our family tradition of decorating a gingerbread house the day the boys get out of school for their Christmas break. It really kicks off our time home together and they truly have a blast doing it. I keep my hands off and it is totally their creation! This year we did little mini cottages and ice cream cone trees. The coconut snow really adds to the theme, don't you think? ;)

I think this may have become my favorite activity/tradition of the entire season!
xo, Jen

Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 days before Christmas

This little 12 days project has just been too perfect for me! I can't wait until each day because I am making a conscious effort to have some little celebration of Christmas every day. And in no ways are these BIG efforts, but just something to remind us of how close we are getting to one of my favorite holidays!

After we went to supper and ran to the grocery store I asked the big boys if they wanted to make these ornaments that I had seen last year and never got the chance to make. They were game (which is kind of a big deal to me since usually they say no) and we turned on the Incredibles for Kaden and got to work. I used Kenny as a guinea pig and since he didn't have too much trouble I let Jackson come make one too. I had to stop them because they wanted to keep making more and bedtime was fast approaching . I think we will make more this weekend and then tie them on Christmas gifts for our family.

It is fun to get crafty with them! This was a good reminder to me that we should do simple projects like this more often.

Happy Crafting! Please link up if you make some too!

xo, Jen

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days before Christmas

I have to admit, I'm not feeling well today and Ken is out of town this week on business, but I got my photo nonetheless. I had a really rough night with Jackson last night... not getting to go to bed until after 2:00 am. If anyone ever wants to know what it's like at night to have a kid with diabetes, it's like having a newborn you have to fear for every night of your life! But I digress...
Until this weekend I didn't have any Christmas socks, but Amy and I saw these at Old Navy when we were on the hunt for $5 fleece jackets for our families. She picked up a few pairs and I have to admit they are really comfy and make me smile when I look down at my feet. So tonight we had planned to watch the Sing Off and I jumped at the chance to get in jammies early too. It's such a fun show that Kenny and I have been watching this December and I couldn't help but snap a picture of my fun socks while watching the show. Sometimes you gotta look for the Christmas in the small things! ;)
Here's hoping we have a quiet night and the antibiotics kick in soon!
xo, Jen

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 and 12 days before Christmas

So I decided that a Daily December was probably too much for me this year, but I love doing a little Christmas-y Book each year. I hadn't fully commited to any project this year until yesterday and there's still time to do this one if you are like me and wait til the last minute to create a project. I found this idea on Write. Click. Scrapbook. and decided it would be perfect for this year! Even I can handle the 12 days leading up to Christmas with a photo/story a day! I chose to begin yesterday and then I will have a page of Christmas day too in my book. For now, I plan to upload my photo and story each day and then create my book AFTER the holidays. I will be able to refer back here for my journaling when I sit down to put it together. Easy Peasy!
So here is my photo from yesterday -

Every year in preschool, Kaden's class goes on a trip to the North Pole on the "Polar Express" and today was the day! He got to wear his new Spongebob winter jammies to school and he thoroughly enjoyed his trip. He got in the car telling me all about it and showed me the jingle bell that Santa gave to him as a gift. He couldn't stop jingling it all day! This year he is really getting into the Christmas spirit and he even sat on Santa's lap with no tears. He told Santa he wants a "remote control monster truck" this year. It's so much fun to experience Christmas with a preschooler!

I am absolutely giddy about today's picture -

This is a picture of the boys' completely up to date ornament albums. Each year I give the boys a Christmas ornament for our family tree. I have always planned for these ornaments to be a gift to each of them and their brides-to-be when they get married and have trees of their own. I wanted to make a book to document each ornament, the year, and the reasons for choosing each ornament. I finally got the books ready to go, all the photos taken, AND the pages made up to the current year. I finished them up this morning and I love they way they look all lined up on the shelf! I hope they will be treasured gifts for my children in the years to come.

How easy is this??? I love it!

Won't you play along with me too?

xo, Jennifer

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shall we try this again?

We've toyed with the idea of stopping this poor, neglected blog but honestly, I still kinda like it. And when I realize it has been going (maybe not strong, but going nonetheless) for almost 3 years, I can't make myself fully give it up.
So maybe we'll try again?
Is anyone reading our crazy followings?
Looking at our pretty layouts and projects?
Laughing at poor Jennifer trying to raise 3 boys?
Oh wait! Don't answer that last one...
In any case, in the effort to keep this 'ole blog kickin' for a little longer - here are a few goodies from the minimal amount of scrapbooking that happened between Amy and I this summer. I was in May Flaum's Camp Scrap class and for the weeks it was in session I was on fire! It was like a marathon crop every day! I love her style and presentation and loved the outcome of what I gleaned from her class.
My sweet hubby was a groomsman in my baby brother's wedding... at 31 he was by far the oldest, but he hung in there at the Bachelor Party playing kickball, LOL!
I had never realized that there was an actual reason we say, "tying the knot." I know! I should have guessed, but in any case, it was fun to document it for my sister and bro-in-law.

Dude, I just love this kid! And it was fun to play around with some LOM stuff for this page about our student athlete.

And who wouldn't love these adorable baseball boys! I got on the banner train with this page and it is definitely one of my faves these days!

So should we stick around?

Do you want to read about our crazy happenings?

Leave us a note and we'll try...

really.... we will.

xo, Jen

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer sneaky

Scrapbook Chicks has just released 2 brand new (and inexpensive) kits for June. Amy and I had the chance to each work with one this weekend and they are wonderfully fabulous. I'm getting all the photos organized of both kits later, but for now... a little peek of scrappy goodness! If you haven't checked out the latest installment of "Finished in Fifteen," head over to the Chickadee's Blog and watch the very short (less than 20 minutes total!) video Susan made last night. I am heading down to the crafty cave to work on my version of it right now. You can catch a glance of both kits there too along with some layout inspiration.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I am loving right now ...

I love pictures. I love the emotions that are invoked when you look at pictures. I love watching kids grow through pictures. I love comparing pictures of Rachel to pictures of Jason and I at the same age!! Well like any other crazy mom in these days ofdigital photography I have more pictures than I will ever need. And it is so hard to get them all organized and sorted. BUT since I got my new computer I have iPhoto and can I just say I am enamored with this program. I have folders with the faces of people we love ... and I can set the program to search for all the pictures on my computer that have that person. I can also set it to find all the pictures of a particular event or place. I am having SO MUCH FUN! Jason thinks I am nuts, but thankfully I can call my brother-in-law and he can understand my love of iPhoto!!

I LOVE scrapbooking - I know hard to believe right?!
At the moment I am taking an online scrappy class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. And I am loving it. It is called "BAKER'S DOZEN" and I get a daily email prompt to be creative. By the end of the 4 weeks of class I will have 13 layouts completed. It is so much fun.

Speaking of BPS ... can I just say I LOVE Stacy Julian - one of the Big Picture Scrapbooking head gurus! I love to read her blog - she has some really fun ideas on there. Stacy has always been a "real" person on her blog - posting about the ups and downs of life - not just the perky upbeat things that are happy. In the last month or so, she has been posting videos going through her scrappy storage system. She is very real in those videos - in fact she ate breakfast while she filmed one of them. But this is not why I am professing why I love her right now. This week I found out something new to love about her. On the Big Picture blog she has been posting videos of her good ideas. And what I found out about Stacy Julian is that she is a DORK just like me. If you don't believe me ... go look at the videos she posted on the BPS blog this week ... I dare you to say she is not loveably dorky!! Can't you see me being dorky on a video - if I had a reason to post one?!

And in all things scrappy ... I can't leave without saying I LOVE scrapbook supplies. I found a new scrapbook store right here in Edmond today. They have some fun new products as well as the old favourites. But they have classes and crops which makes me very happy. There was not a lot for me to buy though since I LOVE Scrapbook Chicks and have pretty much bought all the new stuff I have seen from there! They are doing pre-orders of Bo Bunny right now - and you can get a discount if you pre-order - love me a discount!! One of my most favourite things from Scrapbook chicks is the Chick 'N Stuff in all the colours of the rainbow. I am slowly building up supply of Chick 'N Feathers!!! I have Orange, yellow, blue, white, brown, green and pink. Still need a few colours, but the monthly budget does not allow for every colour to be bought all at once!! This is a picture of pink Chick 'N Feathers - flowers, bows, puffy embellies - all kinds of fun treasures.
I highly suggest ordering some simply for the cute take-out container that they come in. Chick 'N Feed is buttons, sequins and other fun treasures and the Chick 'N Noodles are differing kinds of ribbons and fibers. All so much fun!!

Speaking of budgets ... right now I love Dave Ramsey and his total money make-over! Jason and I took his financial Peace course last year in Midland and we have totally changed the way we view money. We do not have the drop down fights we used to have about money and in fact we are debt free except for our house. Feels great! If you are struggling in the money part of your world, I highly suggest take the financial peace class - or at least find his radio show and listen to it - especially on Fridays when he features people just like you and me who have worked the program and have become debt free.

Well that is just a list of a few things I am loving right now. Feel free to comment with some of the things you are loving right now ...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking forward to Summer

when life won't be quite as hectic and I can catch more moments in the crafty cave, LOL! For now here are my Scrapbook Chicks May kit projects. It is a fabulous kit that I seriously only have scraps left from. I made so many layouts with this kit (I think, 9 total) and a bunch of teacher thank you cards AND a set of magnets (which I missed a photo of since it was the last week of school haha) It's perfect for so many different themes and events. Pick one up today!

I told you it was an awesome kit! Really get one today! Don't wait another minute!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Showers ... in May??

... not really showers .... more like torrential rain falling side-ways because of the wind, tornado sirens going off, hail as big as a grapefruit and tornadoes touching down. Welcome to tornado alley --- when can they install my storm shelter??? Monday night in both Oklahoma City and Wichita there were severe storms everywhere! Jennifer was dealing with her little people experiencing tornado watch/warnings which is pretty new to the kids having just moved back to KS last summer. The whole safe-room tornado siren sounding for more than just a test was new to me too. Rachel and I were in our closet - and I mean literally in our coat closet - that is our safe room - I did NOT feel all that safe in there. Jason put our name on the list to get a storm shelter installed in the garage the next day - it can't come soon enough for me!!

Luckily we were not hit with the big storms that devastated parts of Oklahoma just south of Oklahoma City. From what the news said 2 tornadoes touched down at the same time causing so much loss. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones. They interviewed one guy who lost his house and he said "it is just a house, it can be rebuilt - what's important is that nobody was hurt and really that is all that matters" Amen to that!

On a more positive note ... the Scrapbook Chicks monthly kit is up for sale now! Jennifer and I got to play with this kit together as I picked it up the last time I was in Wichita. We split some of the add-ons, but for the most part I just used the kit. And I made a TON of stuff with it. A perpetual calendar, a 2 page spread and 4 single pages. I have also used scraps on some other projects too.

This is a fun page about our saturday tradition in Midland. When we first moved there we went to Micheal's for kids' crafts every Saturday. Rachel came to love going and we never stopped! I still have those chicks in my scraproom!
Jason and Rachel love to play in the rain puddles ... this is just a quick page about this fun love they have. It took her 8 year old cousin to teach Rachel to ride her bike - took them most of last summer but with her cousin's help she mastered it!!I came home to this sight one day ... spring cleaning. All I could think of was the birds who laugh at the humans running into the clean glass doors on those Windex commercials.Susan challenged the design team to use the lyrics "My Best Days are Ahead of Me". I just adore this picture of Jason and Rachel walking into the airport when he was leaving to do his final project presentation. I tweaked the words in the song's title, but I thought this picture was perfect for this challenge!If you happen to be at the Two Chicks store - check out all that there is to offer. The prices are super good and it is stocked with loads of new papers and embellishments. I am in LOVE with the new Pebbles paper - and in fact it is all I scrapped with on National Scrapbook Day when Jennifer was here with me. Here are just a few of my creations ...

Another bit of sad news that Jennifer and I got this week - one of our most favourite Scrappy places is closing! A Peek Into Yesterday - our first online scrapbook home is closing for good. We are both so sad - Pat (the owner) is so awesome and the community has grown very close over the last few years. Pat is selling everything and has some great deals. I am going to miss that community, but hopefully though Facebook and blogs we will be able to stay in touch! The message board is still up at the moment, so if you have not been there in a while - go check out some of the Memory threads - you will have a smile in your heart for sure.

To close ... last night I was split on the result of the hockey game ... Sid "the Kid" Crosby and his Penguins lost to the Montreal Canadians. I was torn because I had the Pens going to the end and Crosby is from NS like me BUT the Canadians are the last Canadian team in the playoffs. Be nice to see those red jerseys hold up the cup once again. For now I am OUT of contention for the hockey pool as I only have 2 players remaining. Jen's husband is in 1st place and could possibly go all the way to the end this year! Fingers crossed - then they can stop saying that the pool is rigged for a vanderkooi to win every year - haha. At least if he wins it is still in the family :) good luck Ken!!!!

Happy scrapping

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's BACK and I am so excited ...

My desire to just sit and create. It has been a long while since I have had the real desire to sit down and create. It has been a journey ...

January 2008 started off with a bang! Jennifer and I had decided to take over Scrappin Mojo with another friend/member and we were all so very excited about running this great challenge-based scrapping community. Jennifer and I were doing LOAD (layout a day) with tons of other online scrappers at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I was having so much fun creating, playing with my scrappy stuff and thinking of fun ways to inspire the members of our website. We had on-line crops, taught mini classes, gathered inspirations from all over the Internet to help the girls with gift ideas for Christmas. Sure there was the boring daily tasks of deleting all the spammers and making sure the site was running correctly - but the fun out-weighed the effort required to run the site. And while I did not have the same amount of time to dedicate to my own scrapbook pages, I was still able to create some super fun stuff!!

Just before Christmas there was an event - a break-up of sorts and we were given an ultimatum. As much as I loved running that site, there was no way I was going to choose a website over family - and well Jennifer IS FAMILY. Without getting into the details - because they really don't matter anymore - Jennifer and I made the decision to hand the site over to the 3rd 'partner'. And while we miss what we had there - we are OK and the site is doing fine as well. However the whole ordeal really affected me in a negative manner. It was more than just missing a scrapbooking website - it felt like a real loss to me. And I guess I needed time to grieve through it and move past some of the things that were said and the way things were handled. (Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am UBER over-protective of my friends and family and I will not have anyone hurt them or say things about them.)

Well that grieving process seemed to go on forever. I think I completed about 15 pages in all of last year. I just could not get into it. Jennifer tried everything to get me to do some pages, my friends at A Peek Into Yesterday were missing my pages .... nothing worked. Then I decided to purge my scrapbooking space of extra stuff. Some of the stuff went to recycling, some to the trash but most of it went to my friend Krista who was so excited with all this new stuff. She was able to create some memorial albums for her family as they suffered the loss of several members last year. And it somehow hit me - THAT is what scrapbooking is all about. Creating FOR FAMILY! The loss I had suffered was not that of family but it was the loss of a relationship that had been built on trust and mutual respect. But I still HAVE my family and I can still create for us, saving our memories and have fun while being creative.

During this whole time lots of other life things have happened -- one of the more significant being Jennifer's move back to Wichita. (This brought them to within driving distance ... meaning we could be together for celebrations - always good for the soul!) Jennifer also reconnected with a friend who just happened to be starting a scrapbook kit company. So Jennifer began creating for the kit club and convinced me that I needed to get these kits, that they would help on my road back to the scrapbooking world.

And you know what - they DID create a little spark in me ...Since then, I have moved to Oklahoma City and the house we bought has the perfect space to call my own. Jason bought me a great counter height table, I have fun storage for all my scrappy goodness and I am creating again. In fact when Jennifer suggested that I go out for the design team at Scrapbook Chicks ... I went for it. And I made it on the team - Jennifer said she had nothing to do with that - but I am sure she did not hurt my chances either - haha.

I look forward to receiving my kits each month and I can't wait to get creating with it. The monthly club company has now grown to include a store full of scrappy goodness to play with!!! I created this fun page this week with papers from the January kit and a sketch from Ella Publishing.

I am going to visit Jennifer and I can't wait to get there and just start scrapbooking with my partner in crime - or more appropriately my partner in paper. I can't tell you exactly when the little spark ignited into this flame of desire to be creative - but it did and I could not be happier. Just in time for National Scrapbook Day on May 1, when Jennifer will be joining me in my scrappy space and we will be playing with our online scrappy friends.

Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

Will you have a chance to create this weekend? Amy and I cropped together (in our on-the-phone-way) tonight for the first time in a LONG time. It was fun and we both got a page done. Amy used her lightening speed scrapper skills to whip up the same sketch that took me just a bit longer. Can't wait to show you in the morning! Come over and join us on the Two Chicks Facebook Fan Page for the awesome sketch! There is a gift certificate for one lucky winner of the sketch challenge each week. Susan makes the most incredible and easy to use sketches for us. I LOVE them!

And even bigger news, check back next week... we have our first giveaway planned! YAY!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jennifer writes these cute blog posts complete with WAY cute pictures of her seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY) cute crafty projects. If she had not told me she made that topiary I would have sworn she paid oodles for it at some fancy decorating place. But no - not Jennifer - she drives through blog world and finds the cutest things to make. I have seen that topiary in person and it is SO darn cute!! But the cuteness does not end there - nope ... there are the cute things she has made for her scrappy room, the awesome projects she has made for her boys and the fun (and inexpensive) things she has made to decorate her house.

Jennifer is my BEST friend ... the person I turn to when I can't talk to anyone else ... the person who can call me and say "get your butt up and do something with your life today" (and not be hung up on). In Grey's Anatomy terms - she is MY person. Now that does not take away from my husband (or hers) because God love him he can say the same things to me as Jennifer - but the delivery is just not the same. And he just does not appreciate a good scrappy page from a crappy one. He can look at a bummer of a page and try to make me feel better when what I need to hear is "Yeah it is missing the mark" which is what I get from Jennifer. A husband knows better than to say yes you look fat in that dress, no that page is not stellar and I agree with you that girl is beautiful - THAT is the kind of thing that can only come from a girlfriend!!!
Though we are alike in many ways - there are loads of things that are different. I have 1 daughter- she has 3 sons, we grew up in different countries, she remembers songs I have never heard of (867-5???) Maybe I was studying for a big test or something ... in any case we have different styles, likes and dislikes but no matter what those are we compliment each other. I try to keep up with the blogs she tells me about, and I agree tons of the stuff she finds is TOTALLY adorable. I can see all of it looking cute in my house ... difference is - she decides she is going to make the cute things and she ACTUALLY does it! I just look and never do it ...

BUT NOT TODAY ... Two Chicks put up this totally cute sketch this afternoon and I said I was going to do it --- AND I DID IT!!! And here it is ... I have had this page in my head since I got the picture of Jennifer (the person) and her namesake Jennifer (the cat). NO I DID NOT NAME THE CAT - Rachel did when she was 4! When I saw the sketch it was perfect for these pictures. So I pulled out my handy Two Chicks April kit and put this together. Used a few pieces from my brown Chick 'n Feathers and some buttons from my Chick 'n Feed and some alphas from the March kit. And VOILA - I love this ... the full title it "nature vs nurture? maybe the crazy is from Jennifer" and on the picture are the words (the person not the cat).

I wonder if I bought all the supplies for the topiary if she would make me one? She has banned me from the hot glue gun since the episode of making VBS horses in 2005 ...


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topiary Envy

So, here's the deal, one of my dear friends in Fresno had these two great topiaries and from the very first moment I saw them in her living room I tried to devise a plan to get them to my home. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to stash a 30" high tree in your handbag or sweatshirt. So in my efforts at not becoming a full on criminal, I started to search high and low (and really low sometimes) for something to match the beauty of these fun little decorating accessories. I was amazed at just how pricey these guys can be!! Of course, with my cadillac tastes, I was finding them for upward of $50 (or MORE!) each! OMGoodness!!! Are you kidding me?? I really had no idea when I started my hunt that they would be so expensive.

Bring in Dave Ramsey... UGH! Dave certainly has no room in our current budget for these trees. But my living room really needed at least one. I have a teensy home decor budget each month so I began searching blog land for how to make one... remembering that I am really better with paper than anything else. But oh how I was dreaming of my very own topiary! Finally, after months of searching I found exactly what I was looking for! Right HERE. So I gathered up the stuff and spent an afternoon burning my fingers all in the name of decorating.
Here is a little look at my steps:

First, I ripped all these little boxwood pieces off of close to 4 stems I picked up at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. YAY! Couldn't have created this without that sale.

Next, I used my extremely scientific tool to poke shallow holes in the green floral ball to push the stems into after adding a drop of hot glue on the ends. There was an insane amount of hot glue used in the creation of this topiary, but that's ok with me. After all this trouble, I don't want this sucker falling apart on me!Using the tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed, I proceeded to add the boxwood in all around the ball while it rested on another scientific-topiary-making-holder.After a few hours of ripping stems, poking holes, cursing the hot glue gun, and general praises to myself of "look how cute this is gonna be!" it was finished. Look at her in all her topiary glory! I had to run out before it snowed again to find the perfect stick from one of our trees (shhhhh, just don't mention this to Ken) but I LOVE the way she came out. I have plans for a second one just as soon as HL has another sale. He He!
Note: I would like to dedicate this post to never giving up on your dreams, no matter how demented and self-centered they may be. ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

A GOOD Good Friday Post

Well here I sit, in Oklahoma, boxes (mostly) unpacked, car in the garage and ready to start life as a Canadian Okie. Not sure how I am going to do with storm season, but this morning I awoke to the weather radio alarm letting us know that there was a hail storm on the way. And darn - it showed up exactly when they said ... Jason - we're not in Texas anymore. The weather predictions from where we lived were not always that accurate!

It is Good Friday and there is no shortage of Churches to choose to attend for Good Friday service. We will go to the one we attended this past Sunday - since we know a bit about how to get around there. Seriously the Churches here are HUGE. I think it will be interesting to try a few out and decide where we will end up. As for the rest of the weekend we had planned to do a bunch of stuff around the house until last evening when Jennifer called and suggested we head up there for Easter. So we will leave tomorrow sometime - so cool to be only 2 hours from her now!!!

Well there have been a lot of changes since I last posted ... new house, new state, new school ... the list goes on. One thing that has not changed ... scrapping and the awesome kits from Two Chicks ... in the midst of packing and unpacking I have been able to get some pages done ...

As you can see ... lots if FUN patterns and colours to play with. I still have pages up my sleeve, but I think my family is appreciative that our house is looking more like a home than a packing plant!

Have a great Easter!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is no joke!

The April Kit from Two Chicks is the bestest kit evah!!! I know I say that all the time, but I really truly love this one. It includes all my favorites - Great patterned papers with lots of small patterns to cut up, punch, tear, stamp; versatile die cut sheet with lots of uses; ribbons, need I say more? ; oodles of bright colored buttons, and alphabets to die for! There is even a die cut paper too!! WOW!! I have lots left over and a list of pages to create that is a mile long. It has been perfect for creating lots of LOM layouts too. Just fun and unique and perfect. ;)

I have another really cute one that I couldn't get good lighting for yesterday. Stop back by to see it and all of Amy's creations too.