Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where did September Go?

I realized that I hadn't put up my Guest Design Team for the month of September. After a long wait, I was able to get my hands on the GORGEOUS Madame Butterfly kit at Coordinates Collections It was totally worth it and I got to work with papers I normally wouldn't have picked up for myself. It was fun to stretch myself as a scrapbooker this month. I got 3 layouts - 1 Altered Project -
And 2 cards -

What a great kit!!!

xo Jennifer

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I DID IT ...

OK so Jennifer is an awesome scrapper and has designed on several DTs - in fact is currently designing for DTs. I keep saying I would like to be on a DT and Jen keeps saying - they can't pick you if you do not try. So I DID IT - I just submitted my application for the DT call at Scrap-tastic. Not sure if I will make it onto the team or not, but I put my application in.

And now ... did you see it ... did you watch it??? Grey's Anatomy is BACK! Well it was back for a great 2 hour season premiere. But the next episode will not be for 2 weeks. However I must say that the 2 hour episode on Thursday was so worth staying up until 1am! I put my trusty tape in the VCR at 7pm - set it to tape for the 2 hour show and then waited until it was 9pm PST so that Jennifer and I could watch our favourite show!

I also watched some other season premieres. The 1st episode of Survivor was 2 hours long and the location is beautiful! The show was not bad - a bit predictable, but still seeing those wild animals was worth watching! This is ERs last season, so I might catch an episode here or there - unless they continue to be as FREAKING sad as thursday night's episode. I won't post what happened in case you have not seen it - but fair warning - you will needs LOADS of tissues!! Dancing with the Stars started this week as well - and it has really changed since its first season. Some of the stars are awful again this season - but that is not my main issue. I am not all that into the costumes that barely cover some of the gals. CSI Miami was good on Monday - although now that I have seen the end of last year's cliff hanger, I can continue to watch re-runs on A&E.

Hope you are all having a good fall ... the weather is starting to cool down here - although I still feel that you should not be able to wear shorts and tank-tops at the end of September!

xo Amy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

VERY true

I just ordered this little pendant for the Halloween season - and seriously, those who know me well, know how giddy I get for my candy corn this time of year. And Hershey just came out with candy corn kisses that are equally wonderful. I had to hide the bag from the boys b/c this mama isn't sharing! The woman who makes these pendants is a fun little artist and I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Here is her link for those who may need to buy me a gift sometime soon ;) I am sure at least one of these speaks to you and would be happy to find a place around my neck. Plus, you are lucky in that you don't have to purchase a chain - I got that covered - LOL!
Allison Strine Designs

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Double Digits

This has been one crazy and busy day, but I couldn't end it without a little shout out to the birthday boy tonight - can you believe it? Kenny is 10!!! Next year he won't be able to say his age with his hands. AAAAAHHHHH!!! Where is the time going? He is growing into a handsome and wonderful young man. I wanted to treat him to something just a little special today so I came up with 10 bags filled with 10 things, each with a little note about life now or for the future. Here they are:
1. 10 balloons to remind you to soar high in all you do

2. 10 ninjas (from the machines at Savemart ;) ) to remind you to always stay a treasure man - he loves to collect little things

3. 10 Slim Jims (his new favorite snack) to remind you to keep trying new things - you may find you like them

4. 10 erasers to remind you that we all mess up, but God erases all our mistakes

5. 10 bouncy balls for your bouncy personality

6. 10 mechanical pencils to keep you on the road of learning

7. 10 cards for you and 10 cards to share (Pokemon cards meant to be shared with Jackson, this one didn't really go as I had planned....)

8. $10.00 to remind you that you are richly blessed

9. 10 hugs and kisses to remind you how much you are loved

10 10 candles to celebrate how you are growing in God's love and to remind you to let your light shine!

It was such a simple little gift, but he loved it and it was such a blessing for me to watch him open and think about each little bag of goodies.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sponsor Product Reveal at Mojo

It is September 1st already - WOW how did that happen? Anyway head on over to Scrappin Mojo to check out the design team project using products from Memories Complete. They sent us a ton of stuff to play with! Here are some things I did ...

Pretty sure that Nicci was looking for some different pictures when she bought these roses ... once Rachel realized she was not in trouble for pulling the petals of the roses, she went to town and pulled them apart by the handful. I love the increasing pleasure on her face as she destroys the roses. Sorry Nic I know you were going for something else there.

Then there were these pictures. Again poor Nicci was looking for some different pictures. She wanted Rachel to open the box and pull boas out of it to play with them. All Rachel could think was How do I get in that box without them noticing?? Eventually she realized that she would not fit with the lid on and settled for just sitting in there!

I just LOVE this picture of me and Jackson - he was so little and so NOT into getting his picture taken. Look at his sweet face!!

A few cards ...

Than I made this fun magnet ... I used one of the Memories Complete star sticker frames and cut the parts of the pic that did not fit inside. Rachel thinks it is a cute magnet but wants it on her door. Guess it is time for the magnetic properties of wood discussion - heehee.

Anyway hope you are all having a safe and happy Labour Day weekend. And when you get a chance pray for all those people in the path of the Hurricane. It has already devastated several countries and has now made landfall near New Orleans.

Hugs from Texas ... Amy