Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Showers ... in May??

... not really showers .... more like torrential rain falling side-ways because of the wind, tornado sirens going off, hail as big as a grapefruit and tornadoes touching down. Welcome to tornado alley --- when can they install my storm shelter??? Monday night in both Oklahoma City and Wichita there were severe storms everywhere! Jennifer was dealing with her little people experiencing tornado watch/warnings which is pretty new to the kids having just moved back to KS last summer. The whole safe-room tornado siren sounding for more than just a test was new to me too. Rachel and I were in our closet - and I mean literally in our coat closet - that is our safe room - I did NOT feel all that safe in there. Jason put our name on the list to get a storm shelter installed in the garage the next day - it can't come soon enough for me!!

Luckily we were not hit with the big storms that devastated parts of Oklahoma just south of Oklahoma City. From what the news said 2 tornadoes touched down at the same time causing so much loss. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones. They interviewed one guy who lost his house and he said "it is just a house, it can be rebuilt - what's important is that nobody was hurt and really that is all that matters" Amen to that!

On a more positive note ... the Scrapbook Chicks monthly kit is up for sale now! Jennifer and I got to play with this kit together as I picked it up the last time I was in Wichita. We split some of the add-ons, but for the most part I just used the kit. And I made a TON of stuff with it. A perpetual calendar, a 2 page spread and 4 single pages. I have also used scraps on some other projects too.

This is a fun page about our saturday tradition in Midland. When we first moved there we went to Micheal's for kids' crafts every Saturday. Rachel came to love going and we never stopped! I still have those chicks in my scraproom!
Jason and Rachel love to play in the rain puddles ... this is just a quick page about this fun love they have. It took her 8 year old cousin to teach Rachel to ride her bike - took them most of last summer but with her cousin's help she mastered it!!I came home to this sight one day ... spring cleaning. All I could think of was the birds who laugh at the humans running into the clean glass doors on those Windex commercials.Susan challenged the design team to use the lyrics "My Best Days are Ahead of Me". I just adore this picture of Jason and Rachel walking into the airport when he was leaving to do his final project presentation. I tweaked the words in the song's title, but I thought this picture was perfect for this challenge!If you happen to be at the Two Chicks store - check out all that there is to offer. The prices are super good and it is stocked with loads of new papers and embellishments. I am in LOVE with the new Pebbles paper - and in fact it is all I scrapped with on National Scrapbook Day when Jennifer was here with me. Here are just a few of my creations ...

Another bit of sad news that Jennifer and I got this week - one of our most favourite Scrappy places is closing! A Peek Into Yesterday - our first online scrapbook home is closing for good. We are both so sad - Pat (the owner) is so awesome and the community has grown very close over the last few years. Pat is selling everything and has some great deals. I am going to miss that community, but hopefully though Facebook and blogs we will be able to stay in touch! The message board is still up at the moment, so if you have not been there in a while - go check out some of the Memory threads - you will have a smile in your heart for sure.

To close ... last night I was split on the result of the hockey game ... Sid "the Kid" Crosby and his Penguins lost to the Montreal Canadians. I was torn because I had the Pens going to the end and Crosby is from NS like me BUT the Canadians are the last Canadian team in the playoffs. Be nice to see those red jerseys hold up the cup once again. For now I am OUT of contention for the hockey pool as I only have 2 players remaining. Jen's husband is in 1st place and could possibly go all the way to the end this year! Fingers crossed - then they can stop saying that the pool is rigged for a vanderkooi to win every year - haha. At least if he wins it is still in the family :) good luck Ken!!!!

Happy scrapping

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