Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I am loving right now ...

I love pictures. I love the emotions that are invoked when you look at pictures. I love watching kids grow through pictures. I love comparing pictures of Rachel to pictures of Jason and I at the same age!! Well like any other crazy mom in these days ofdigital photography I have more pictures than I will ever need. And it is so hard to get them all organized and sorted. BUT since I got my new computer I have iPhoto and can I just say I am enamored with this program. I have folders with the faces of people we love ... and I can set the program to search for all the pictures on my computer that have that person. I can also set it to find all the pictures of a particular event or place. I am having SO MUCH FUN! Jason thinks I am nuts, but thankfully I can call my brother-in-law and he can understand my love of iPhoto!!

I LOVE scrapbooking - I know hard to believe right?!
At the moment I am taking an online scrappy class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. And I am loving it. It is called "BAKER'S DOZEN" and I get a daily email prompt to be creative. By the end of the 4 weeks of class I will have 13 layouts completed. It is so much fun.

Speaking of BPS ... can I just say I LOVE Stacy Julian - one of the Big Picture Scrapbooking head gurus! I love to read her blog - she has some really fun ideas on there. Stacy has always been a "real" person on her blog - posting about the ups and downs of life - not just the perky upbeat things that are happy. In the last month or so, she has been posting videos going through her scrappy storage system. She is very real in those videos - in fact she ate breakfast while she filmed one of them. But this is not why I am professing why I love her right now. This week I found out something new to love about her. On the Big Picture blog she has been posting videos of her good ideas. And what I found out about Stacy Julian is that she is a DORK just like me. If you don't believe me ... go look at the videos she posted on the BPS blog this week ... I dare you to say she is not loveably dorky!! Can't you see me being dorky on a video - if I had a reason to post one?!

And in all things scrappy ... I can't leave without saying I LOVE scrapbook supplies. I found a new scrapbook store right here in Edmond today. They have some fun new products as well as the old favourites. But they have classes and crops which makes me very happy. There was not a lot for me to buy though since I LOVE Scrapbook Chicks and have pretty much bought all the new stuff I have seen from there! They are doing pre-orders of Bo Bunny right now - and you can get a discount if you pre-order - love me a discount!! One of my most favourite things from Scrapbook chicks is the Chick 'N Stuff in all the colours of the rainbow. I am slowly building up supply of Chick 'N Feathers!!! I have Orange, yellow, blue, white, brown, green and pink. Still need a few colours, but the monthly budget does not allow for every colour to be bought all at once!! This is a picture of pink Chick 'N Feathers - flowers, bows, puffy embellies - all kinds of fun treasures.
I highly suggest ordering some simply for the cute take-out container that they come in. Chick 'N Feed is buttons, sequins and other fun treasures and the Chick 'N Noodles are differing kinds of ribbons and fibers. All so much fun!!

Speaking of budgets ... right now I love Dave Ramsey and his total money make-over! Jason and I took his financial Peace course last year in Midland and we have totally changed the way we view money. We do not have the drop down fights we used to have about money and in fact we are debt free except for our house. Feels great! If you are struggling in the money part of your world, I highly suggest take the financial peace class - or at least find his radio show and listen to it - especially on Fridays when he features people just like you and me who have worked the program and have become debt free.

Well that is just a list of a few things I am loving right now. Feel free to comment with some of the things you are loving right now ...

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