Friday, April 11, 2008

Dun da da da da Dun da da da da .....

OK so unless you are in Canada those da das don't mean much ... but if you are a red-blooded hockey fan you are probably humming the Hocky Night in Canada theme. Funny how we get more hockey on TV living in Texas than we did living in Colorado. This is dream TV time for Jason - he gets to see at least 2 games per night - EVERY night. And while he is working at his computer he is listening to the live feed from online radio sites. Last night he listened to the Calgary/San Jose game being broadcast on a Calgary radio station. He is happier about the TV coverage here too - this year there are some CBC feeds on the US stations. I have to admit - I do prefer the CBC announcers calling the games. I also love to watch hockey but this time of the year there is a bit of an overload.

While checking out the NHL site to see the score from last night - I came across this ... David Boreanaz is a big hockey fan. And he is so fun to stare at!!
He is blogging for the NHL and these playoffs - it was kind of fun to read!
We are still in the early stages of the road to the cup - so it is still any team's game! I am hoping to be able to say this the whole way through - GO FLAMES GO!!

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emelyn said...

um, yeah..I can totally stare at him!! haha!