Monday, April 21, 2008

We're going to California!!!

It is official - we are going to CA in June for the Walk to Cure Diabetes Fresno walk. WOOHOO! It will be so cool to be able to be there and walk with Jack's Pack again - in person! We have been part of Jack's pack since day 1 and this year it was Jackson himself who convinced Jason to make the trip to Fresno for the walk. He asked to call Jason everyday to ask him to come to his walk ... but Jennifer being the mom she is only let him call a few times. If truth be told - it only took 1 time of Jackson asking Jason to come!! I was telling Jennifer when I looked in Jason's wallet the other day - he has pictures of Rachel, a picture of me with her when she was 18 months and a picture of Jackson. The three most important people to him!

So get ready Fresno --- the vallreds /vanderalls will be together again. And Rachel and I are going to be able to stay a while since she is done school by then - WOOHOO!!!


emelyn said...

OMG!! How totally cute for Jason to have a picture of Jackson!! That is so special!!

HEYYYY..since you will be here for a while, Amy....any way we can all meet up? Maybe somewhere in the middle?? PLEEEEEEASE!!!

Nicole said...

That's Great! Some women from my sorority I think worked that last year!