Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Year's Boots (part 2)

So it's cold here in the central valley... I know, I know. Not like the rest of the country, but still cold enough and this flipflop-wearing girl needs something a little more substantial on her feet these days, even if it does cover up her much needed and loved pedicure from Saturday afternoon. So I have been bugging Ken for a few days (yes, just days b/c it doesn't take much to convince him of what I need) that I wanted UGG's for Christmas.
Yes, you read that right.
Those trendy and not all that attractive boots that are all around town.
On Tuesday night after calling every retailer in the city to find the one and only pair in the color, style and size I needed - my dear husband brought these home to me as an early Christmas gift. I am in boot/slipper/shoe heaven!
I honestly never want to take them off (ok, that's a stretch, but I did almost wear them to bed they are so cozy)
So. Big girls get new boots for Christmas too. ;)

xo, Jen

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The Cool Chicks said...

Ooooh these are so fun Jennifer. You and Rachel - the queen and princess of shoes!!

xo A