Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sadly it is true --- I have to admit it --- I am indeed an Engineer!!

It seems like it should have taken longer for Rachel to get to 100 days of school - but when you think she started in August it does make sense. Here in Texas the 1st grade classes celebrated 100 days on January 30th and they all made posters with 100 things of their choice. There were some very fun posters in the 1st grade hallway. Rachel chose to have 100 Love Hearts on her poster. Over several days we went through my box of scraps and punched out 100 hearts.

The engineer in me came out when she was putting the hearts on the poster. She did not care about straight lines, even spacing, colour patterns - nothing. It killed me to watch her put the hearts down on the poster board. But as Jennifer kept saying to me "It is HER project" so I kept my linear thinking comments to myself and ignored the anxiety her crooked lines were causing. She LOVED her completed project and was very every proud of herself. Here she is proudly displaying the poster wearing the t-shirt we made to mark 100 days.

The morning at school was spent sorting out 10 different piles of treats with 10 pieces of each treat. They also made Froot Loop necklaces to mark this momentous day. Mrs Fleming was very happy to see me show up to help hand out all the items.


emelyn said...

Happy 100 days Rachel! haha, it kills me, too when Jasmin does her art stuff and it's all over the place! Balance, lines, ack!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love her poster with the hearts! It is absolutely perfect. Wait til you see the stress of the 100 photos on a 12x12piece of cardstock, LOL!

BrendaB said...

I know what you mean about "needing" the straight lines, Amy! It's definitely hard to let them do their own thing sometimes. Rachel looks so cute with her poster!

BethieJ said...

Happy 100 DAYS!! Yeah!!! :) What a GREAT poster!! Love those HEARTS!!
have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Lisa Swift said...

I'm glad you put your engineer brain aside. LOL! I'm like that too and there are things Alexa does that make me cringe but I have to let her do it her way. Rachel's poster is adorable!