Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Full Swing

Little League baseball season is underway - here are the boys doing what they love to do best! Including our little guy, Kaden, he is definitely growing up and becoming more brave. Kenny has been busy in centerfield where he is pretty much the fastest kid on the field. And Jackson is the "big fish" of his team getting the chance to really show what he can do this year. He doesn't even have to hit off the tee very often because he hits most of the coach pitches. Lots of improvement all around. We are so proud of all the boys this weekend.
And we have to sunburns to prove it, LOL!

This is the theme of our next 6 weeks and I love it!

Now I am off to do their laundry...

xo, Jen


The Cool Chicks said...

Check out my boys!! LOVE that Kaden is playing too!


BrendaB said...

Fun days, Jen! Enjoy them and take plenty of pictures, because they go by too fast! (and stock up on the sunblock, too!)