Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'O the Evening to Ye Lads and Lassies ...

I would say top o the morning but it is clearly no longer morning! We had a great and GREEN St Paddy's day today here in Texas. It all started at about 4am with Rachel coming into our room and asking if she could check to see if the Leprechauns had come to leave money in her green sugar. This is a tradition that we took up because of Jennifer and her kids. When I was telling Rachel about it yesterday she said to me "Mom Leprechauns are not real" to which I answered "Well last year they left 6 quarters for each of the boys at the Allred house". After that she could not get to making the green sugar fast enough. She was pleased as punch when she was finally allowed to go to the kitchen to check on the plate of sugar. You can see in the picture that she still looks half asleep - she did not even bother to get her glasses on! Thankfully it is Spring Break and so she did not have to go anywhere today.

We made a trip to Michael's to get a project that we will be working on tomorrow - she is very excited to make the "potty person" chalkboard. At least it is a project that will take more than 10 minutes and it is something she can use in her room. After we were done there we went to the play place at McDonald's so that she could run off some of her energy. She thought a picture at the bottom of the green slide would be perfect to show off her green attire today.

When we got home we set into making our green dinner. Green cake (note that Rachel applied the sprinkles), green pancakes, green sausages, green drinks and regular coloured spuds. Rachel was most impressed with her green mustache when she was finished her drink.

Happy St Patrick's Day from Texas! I am sure that Jennifer will have a green update soon too - but she has been crazy busy shuttling kiddos around to various sports and Church activities today!

xo Amy

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