Friday, April 2, 2010

A GOOD Good Friday Post

Well here I sit, in Oklahoma, boxes (mostly) unpacked, car in the garage and ready to start life as a Canadian Okie. Not sure how I am going to do with storm season, but this morning I awoke to the weather radio alarm letting us know that there was a hail storm on the way. And darn - it showed up exactly when they said ... Jason - we're not in Texas anymore. The weather predictions from where we lived were not always that accurate!

It is Good Friday and there is no shortage of Churches to choose to attend for Good Friday service. We will go to the one we attended this past Sunday - since we know a bit about how to get around there. Seriously the Churches here are HUGE. I think it will be interesting to try a few out and decide where we will end up. As for the rest of the weekend we had planned to do a bunch of stuff around the house until last evening when Jennifer called and suggested we head up there for Easter. So we will leave tomorrow sometime - so cool to be only 2 hours from her now!!!

Well there have been a lot of changes since I last posted ... new house, new state, new school ... the list goes on. One thing that has not changed ... scrapping and the awesome kits from Two Chicks ... in the midst of packing and unpacking I have been able to get some pages done ...

As you can see ... lots if FUN patterns and colours to play with. I still have pages up my sleeve, but I think my family is appreciative that our house is looking more like a home than a packing plant!

Have a great Easter!!

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Jennifer and Amy said...

GO AMY GO!!!! I love all your projects this month and I am sooooo happy you are sooooo much closer now!!!