Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jennifer writes these cute blog posts complete with WAY cute pictures of her seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY) cute crafty projects. If she had not told me she made that topiary I would have sworn she paid oodles for it at some fancy decorating place. But no - not Jennifer - she drives through blog world and finds the cutest things to make. I have seen that topiary in person and it is SO darn cute!! But the cuteness does not end there - nope ... there are the cute things she has made for her scrappy room, the awesome projects she has made for her boys and the fun (and inexpensive) things she has made to decorate her house.

Jennifer is my BEST friend ... the person I turn to when I can't talk to anyone else ... the person who can call me and say "get your butt up and do something with your life today" (and not be hung up on). In Grey's Anatomy terms - she is MY person. Now that does not take away from my husband (or hers) because God love him he can say the same things to me as Jennifer - but the delivery is just not the same. And he just does not appreciate a good scrappy page from a crappy one. He can look at a bummer of a page and try to make me feel better when what I need to hear is "Yeah it is missing the mark" which is what I get from Jennifer. A husband knows better than to say yes you look fat in that dress, no that page is not stellar and I agree with you that girl is beautiful - THAT is the kind of thing that can only come from a girlfriend!!!
Though we are alike in many ways - there are loads of things that are different. I have 1 daughter- she has 3 sons, we grew up in different countries, she remembers songs I have never heard of (867-5???) Maybe I was studying for a big test or something ... in any case we have different styles, likes and dislikes but no matter what those are we compliment each other. I try to keep up with the blogs she tells me about, and I agree tons of the stuff she finds is TOTALLY adorable. I can see all of it looking cute in my house ... difference is - she decides she is going to make the cute things and she ACTUALLY does it! I just look and never do it ...

BUT NOT TODAY ... Two Chicks put up this totally cute sketch this afternoon and I said I was going to do it --- AND I DID IT!!! And here it is ... I have had this page in my head since I got the picture of Jennifer (the person) and her namesake Jennifer (the cat). NO I DID NOT NAME THE CAT - Rachel did when she was 4! When I saw the sketch it was perfect for these pictures. So I pulled out my handy Two Chicks April kit and put this together. Used a few pieces from my brown Chick 'n Feathers and some buttons from my Chick 'n Feed and some alphas from the March kit. And VOILA - I love this ... the full title it "nature vs nurture? maybe the crazy is from Jennifer" and on the picture are the words (the person not the cat).

I wonder if I bought all the supplies for the topiary if she would make me one? She has banned me from the hot glue gun since the episode of making VBS horses in 2005 ...


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Cheryl Arkison said...

Great post Amy! So glad that you have a friend like Jennifer, we all need that. See, Colorado was good for something.