Thursday, November 15, 2007

Answered Prayers

God is just so good! I can't say it enough. Yesterday was a day for joy and thanksgiving in our house because our insurance company decided to cover the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensors for Jackson. What does that mean? It means we will have real time glucose readings, safety alarms, and glucose trend data around the clock. We will know what Jackson's blood sugars are without having to poke his little finger and better yet we will have these readings EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY!!!!! This stands to revolutionize the way we take care of our little guy. Here is a picture of what it will look like on his body, although he wears his pump on his bottom where there is some fat.

The story about how this happened is rather long, but the gist of it is, we chose Jackson's pump a year ago with the hope that someday he would be able to get these sensors. We had no idea how soon that would be. Most insurance companies won't cover them, especially for children under age 7 and we happen to have one of the few that consider paying on a case by case basis. Ken spoke with a nurse from the insurance a couple of days ago and after his conversation we were mobilizing for a denial of benefits. They just don't get what it is like to live with this disease! Instead, she called Ken back yesterday morning and told him as a result of their conversation (and Ken's powers of negotiation) that they are going to make an exception for our little guy. I think it is because Ken loves him so much that he will do whatever it takes to make Jackson's life better and stronger and longer. I seriously love this man!

OK, so back to the subject, they are paying and we are so happy! I can't wait to be able to put dinner on the table and let Jackson just eat with only a look at his pump. And when he is going low, the pump will tell us. No more middle of the night checks. Ahhh. It is going to be a fun and crazy ride and I can't wait to get on!

On another Diabetes note, we received a message from JDRF today that our team raised almost 1/6th of the total amount for the Walk to Cure Diabetes this past June. Jack's Pack officially raised over $7,000! I am so thankful for the research and dedication of this great organization.


MsGrace said...

Jen...I was in tears reading this. The kind that come when you are just so relieved...knowing all you have been going through & what a benefit this will be for you all.

Congratulations on all the money raised too. Wow!!

Just yesterday Rachel & I were at Quick Check & they had a bucket to collect money for the JDRF. Ray asked if we could put some money in for your son. Of course we did. The cashier was shocked because we put a number of bills in. I guess most people just drop their spare change, but I said it is different we know someone who has a son living with this disease. Funny I guess the people behind us in line got inspired they were all dropping money was kind of cool.

Big hugs,

Croppycatter said...

Made me cry too...I'm just so happy for you!!

Morgan said...

This is so amazing, I am so incredibly happy for you and Jackson!! This gets him one step closer to living a "normal" life without having to stop & check all the time. How wonderful, I am really, really happy for you!! Wow, so neat!!

Nicole said...

This is great news to hear. I do charity work here in CA that raises funds for our DYF. Congrats!!

Jana Eubank said...

WooHoo! Awesome news!

The Cool Chicks said...


You know we are excited about this here in Texas!
xoxo Amy