Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We are Back .....

... and we had SO much fun!!! Although there were lots of people at Disneyland - we did not think we had to wait in line that much. In all it was a great time to be in Disney - the Christmas decorations and celebrations were awesome!!! Here are just a few pictures of all our fun!!! Some of our favourite rides included -

Space Mountain (Jennifer was not as fond of this as Ken, Rachel, Kenny and I - Jason did not ride it)
Soaring Over California - this was totally awesome.
Buzz Lightyear - this was one of Jackson's favourites
Pirates of the Carribean - this was AWESOME - Kaden thought the animals were all real - so cute!
California Screaming - Kenny, Ken and I loved this roller coaster.

We stood in line for a LOOOONG time to meet Mickey - totally worth it!!!!!!!

Jackson loves Pluto so he was most excited to see him!!

The Incredibles holds a special place in our worlds - especially for Jennifer so this was so fun!

Watching the parade - everything was all done up for Christmas - so much fun!!!

Attempts to get family pictures for Christmas cards were not as easy as we had hoped!!!

A huge highlight for the kids!!! Lightning McQueen! How fun!

Jason and I took Rachel to the Princess Lunch and she thought it was fabulous. She loved all the Princesses - but chose a Belle t-shirt!


Morgan said...

Great photos, looks like you all had a blast!!

Nicole said...

We love all the same rides. I am a total Disney fanatic! Looks like you had a great time, Makes me want to go back!

Deanna said...

Hey cool chicks! Looks like y'all had a great time at the D-land! Great pictures!