Saturday, November 3, 2007

Crafting on Saturday

So Jennifer is off teaching her class - there were 6 people signed up as of last night. She has worked so hard to get classes to hold so this is so awesome!!

While Jennifer is teaching today I am busy crafting here at home. I am busy making Christmas presents for people. Stay tuned as I will be posting the instructions to make some of them here soon!

So there is this nasty squirrel who lives in the Pecan tree in our backyard. Everytime our poor cat goes outside that nasty squirrel climbs down the tree and starts screaming at Jennifer (yes Rachel named her cat after the person Jennifer). As soon as she comes back inside the squirrel stops. So I went out to check out this nasty little creature - and it started yelling at me!! At least now the cat and Jennifer's dog Reggie have something in common - except that in Jennifer's backyard it is birds who are bugging the dog!

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