Thursday, September 11, 2008

VERY true

I just ordered this little pendant for the Halloween season - and seriously, those who know me well, know how giddy I get for my candy corn this time of year. And Hershey just came out with candy corn kisses that are equally wonderful. I had to hide the bag from the boys b/c this mama isn't sharing! The woman who makes these pendants is a fun little artist and I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Here is her link for those who may need to buy me a gift sometime soon ;) I am sure at least one of these speaks to you and would be happy to find a place around my neck. Plus, you are lucky in that you don't have to purchase a chain - I got that covered - LOL!
Allison Strine Designs


BethieJ said...

How DARN cute is that!! Thanks for the link! I am gonna check it out!! and I LOVE those kisses too! YUM! Will be looking and HOPING to find them in or target this week!! YUM!!

Happy BELATED birthday Kenny!!! What a GREAT idea with the 10 bags..

Have a GREAT day!!

Natalie said...

Well your birthday is coming up :) and I pretty much need to find that candy lol!

Chris said...

that is just plain adorable!