Saturday, September 27, 2008

I DID IT ...

OK so Jennifer is an awesome scrapper and has designed on several DTs - in fact is currently designing for DTs. I keep saying I would like to be on a DT and Jen keeps saying - they can't pick you if you do not try. So I DID IT - I just submitted my application for the DT call at Scrap-tastic. Not sure if I will make it onto the team or not, but I put my application in.

And now ... did you see it ... did you watch it??? Grey's Anatomy is BACK! Well it was back for a great 2 hour season premiere. But the next episode will not be for 2 weeks. However I must say that the 2 hour episode on Thursday was so worth staying up until 1am! I put my trusty tape in the VCR at 7pm - set it to tape for the 2 hour show and then waited until it was 9pm PST so that Jennifer and I could watch our favourite show!

I also watched some other season premieres. The 1st episode of Survivor was 2 hours long and the location is beautiful! The show was not bad - a bit predictable, but still seeing those wild animals was worth watching! This is ERs last season, so I might catch an episode here or there - unless they continue to be as FREAKING sad as thursday night's episode. I won't post what happened in case you have not seen it - but fair warning - you will needs LOADS of tissues!! Dancing with the Stars started this week as well - and it has really changed since its first season. Some of the stars are awful again this season - but that is not my main issue. I am not all that into the costumes that barely cover some of the gals. CSI Miami was good on Monday - although now that I have seen the end of last year's cliff hanger, I can continue to watch re-runs on A&E.

Hope you are all having a good fall ... the weather is starting to cool down here - although I still feel that you should not be able to wear shorts and tank-tops at the end of September!

xo Amy

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emelyn said...

good luck, amy!! You can totally do it!!