Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Double Digits

This has been one crazy and busy day, but I couldn't end it without a little shout out to the birthday boy tonight - can you believe it? Kenny is 10!!! Next year he won't be able to say his age with his hands. AAAAAHHHHH!!! Where is the time going? He is growing into a handsome and wonderful young man. I wanted to treat him to something just a little special today so I came up with 10 bags filled with 10 things, each with a little note about life now or for the future. Here they are:
1. 10 balloons to remind you to soar high in all you do

2. 10 ninjas (from the machines at Savemart ;) ) to remind you to always stay a treasure man - he loves to collect little things

3. 10 Slim Jims (his new favorite snack) to remind you to keep trying new things - you may find you like them

4. 10 erasers to remind you that we all mess up, but God erases all our mistakes

5. 10 bouncy balls for your bouncy personality

6. 10 mechanical pencils to keep you on the road of learning

7. 10 cards for you and 10 cards to share (Pokemon cards meant to be shared with Jackson, this one didn't really go as I had planned....)

8. $10.00 to remind you that you are richly blessed

9. 10 hugs and kisses to remind you how much you are loved

10 10 candles to celebrate how you are growing in God's love and to remind you to let your light shine!

It was such a simple little gift, but he loved it and it was such a blessing for me to watch him open and think about each little bag of goodies.


Natalie said...

Happy birthday Kenny!!! Double digits baby!

The Cool Chicks said...

Happy birthday big boy!!!

xo Maime

emelyn said...

AWWWW!! Happy Happy Birthday Kenny!! You are growing up to be such a great big brother!!

And Jen, what a super clever way to say Happy Birthday. LOVE all those goodies...esp because they are so meaningful! You ROCK, Mom!