Monday, March 1, 2010

2 of my favorites and 4x6's

When we joined the Chick A Dee's last month, we were asked to submit 3 of our favorite projects for the blog. Since I am not really friends with technology most days, I just grabbed 3 projects from my desktop and called it good, but truly these next layouts are 2 of my most favorite ones. So if you have arrived here from the Chick N Coop - a little more eye candy from me!

This one documents our "monster cookies" making experience for Kenny's 11th birthday last September. My mom made monster cookies for my 5th school birthday so we made them for Kenny too. You make them in a bucket - SO MUCH fun and soooo YUMMY!

This next one is one of my most favorite layouts - Scenic Route was one of my most favorite scrapbooking companies and I was fortunate enough to work with their products for my last design team requirement at Pocketful of Treasures. I documented a really fun treat place in Fresno for this one. You know the coolest thing about these layouts - and pretty much ALL my layouts? I only truly use 4x6 photos! There are so many cool ways to use these easy-to-find print sizes. So when you think you need specialized sizes, think again!

Leave us a note if you stopped by! We love making new friends!!!

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Cheryl Arkison said...

It's well-known that I'm not a scrapper, but I must express my love for that last layout!