Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 days before Christmas

This little 12 days project has just been too perfect for me! I can't wait until each day because I am making a conscious effort to have some little celebration of Christmas every day. And in no ways are these BIG efforts, but just something to remind us of how close we are getting to one of my favorite holidays!

After we went to supper and ran to the grocery store I asked the big boys if they wanted to make these ornaments that I had seen last year and never got the chance to make. They were game (which is kind of a big deal to me since usually they say no) and we turned on the Incredibles for Kaden and got to work. I used Kenny as a guinea pig and since he didn't have too much trouble I let Jackson come make one too. I had to stop them because they wanted to keep making more and bedtime was fast approaching . I think we will make more this weekend and then tie them on Christmas gifts for our family.

It is fun to get crafty with them! This was a good reminder to me that we should do simple projects like this more often.

Happy Crafting! Please link up if you make some too!

xo, Jen

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