Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 and 12 days before Christmas

So I decided that a Daily December was probably too much for me this year, but I love doing a little Christmas-y Book each year. I hadn't fully commited to any project this year until yesterday and there's still time to do this one if you are like me and wait til the last minute to create a project. I found this idea on Write. Click. Scrapbook. and decided it would be perfect for this year! Even I can handle the 12 days leading up to Christmas with a photo/story a day! I chose to begin yesterday and then I will have a page of Christmas day too in my book. For now, I plan to upload my photo and story each day and then create my book AFTER the holidays. I will be able to refer back here for my journaling when I sit down to put it together. Easy Peasy!
So here is my photo from yesterday -

Every year in preschool, Kaden's class goes on a trip to the North Pole on the "Polar Express" and today was the day! He got to wear his new Spongebob winter jammies to school and he thoroughly enjoyed his trip. He got in the car telling me all about it and showed me the jingle bell that Santa gave to him as a gift. He couldn't stop jingling it all day! This year he is really getting into the Christmas spirit and he even sat on Santa's lap with no tears. He told Santa he wants a "remote control monster truck" this year. It's so much fun to experience Christmas with a preschooler!

I am absolutely giddy about today's picture -

This is a picture of the boys' completely up to date ornament albums. Each year I give the boys a Christmas ornament for our family tree. I have always planned for these ornaments to be a gift to each of them and their brides-to-be when they get married and have trees of their own. I wanted to make a book to document each ornament, the year, and the reasons for choosing each ornament. I finally got the books ready to go, all the photos taken, AND the pages made up to the current year. I finished them up this morning and I love they way they look all lined up on the shelf! I hope they will be treasured gifts for my children in the years to come.

How easy is this??? I love it!

Won't you play along with me too?

xo, Jennifer

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