Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Thursday Without Grey's!!

Well here we are - the strike is over but not every show has started to show new episodes yet. In the last 2 plus months I have watched some very different TV for me! From Bruno and Carrie Anne's Dance Wars on ABC to America's Next Dance Team on MTV to Parking Wars on A&E. I am ready for some good old Grey's Anatomy fictional drama. The only saving point in TV over the last while has been that Project Runway has been awesome this season! Jennifer and I watched the reunion show last night and it was so fun to see them show their favourite parts from this season.

Happy Thursday and if you are a Survivor fan tonight's episode is supposed to be good. Maybe there will be a new GA soon!!!!!!

xo Amy


David Dust said...
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The Cool Chicks said...

Missing my lounging on the sofa time too. :(