Friday, February 29, 2008

We Have Been Tagged ....

By our friend Sharon at Peek Into Yesterday. So here goes ...

Here are 7 random and/or weird (you be the judge) facts about us (as written by Amy):

1. We like to scrapbook while talking to each other on the phone.

2. We watch Gray's Anatomy on the phone together every week - I tape it when it is on in Texas and we watch together (yes while on the phone) when it is on in California.

3. We LOVE Project Runway.

4. We celebrate our Friend-a-versary on October 12th. Our husbands think we are dorks, but we think that our friendship is worth a special celebration!!

5. Jennifer is a girly girl and I am more of a tomboy! But I am working on it - I can actually apply makeup properly now - and I own hair product - LOL!

6. Sometimes we eat icing with a spoon - but it has to be good icing - yummy buttercream!!!

7. When we see cool scrappy projects - we sometimes hide them from each other so that we can make them for one another.

Now for the rules and who we are tagging.

The rules:
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1. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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1 comment:

Sharon said...

Love your facts :) I especially like how you guys celebrate your "friend-a-versary"