Monday, February 25, 2008

Leap Week

Happy Leap Week .... what is this you might ask. Well it is the week when there is a February 29th. I think it is cool to have an extra day in the year ... but it got me thinking that there are some other things making this year special ...

1. The Presidential Election - November
2. The Summer Olympics in China - August
3. The Paralympic Games also in China - September
4. My sister turned 40 - earlier this month (Amy)
5. It is the International Year of the Potato
6. Kenny is going to hit double digits this year
7. Jackson will start Kindergaten this year
8. Rachel will graduate from Kindergarten this year
9. Kaden will start pre-school this year
10. The crop to cure diabetes is born this year (in March in Fresno - yippee)

Well that is how my mind is working today ... have a great week - xo Amy

1 comment:

Morgan said...

I am SO celebrating the International Year of the Potato! You rock, how'd you find that?

This coming from the family that celebrates National Talk Like A Pirate day (in Sept, the 19th or 20th)!!!