Friday, June 20, 2008

Dumb Storms!!!

Well we were hoping that there would be big storms to keep us in Fresno just a little bit longer. BUT nope - they were just bad enough to delay the flights and make them VERY VERY BUMPY!!!! I have flown through weather before - but last night was the worst I have had to experience. Rachel kept asking:"Mommy why is it so bumpy? Is the pilot having a hard time?" I am guessing he was not having the best time flying but we got to Dallas safe and sound and only an hour and a half late. Fortnuately our Midland flight was also delayed so we were OK. This morning I woke up to wind that felt like it was going to carry my house away!!!

We had a fabulous week in Fresno with Jennifer and the boys! We were glad to see Jackson's graduation, participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes, Rachel went to VBS with the 2 big boys (she was in Jackson's class), we all went to a baseball game on Father's Day, went to Costco a few times, had some Cheesecake factory, got some Animal style fries and cheesburgers at In-N-Out several times, Jennifer and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, we spent some money at the Scrapbook store, Rachel lost a tooth and the fairy came and brought her a 'fancy' dollar (a bill rolled up and tied with gold ricrak), Jennifer and I got a chance to go see Sex and the City and we just had a whole lot of great fun!!! Time to start planning the NEXT family get together!!!


Morgan said...

Gotta hate bad flying weather! Sounds like you had an amazing time with Jen and the fam though~

BethieJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!! (ok minus the crazy flying!)
I need to go back on my supply diet!! hee hee!! think I will have to get back on that on my own this week!! LOL!! :)
Hope all is well!!! Have a GREAT day!