Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It is ALL Jennifer's fault ...

Here it is 1:18am ... and I am up reading the most incredible blog - And seriously unless you have an hour to sit and read this blog don't start ... it will pull you in - you need to sit and read and bask in the miracle of this story! This guy is awesome - their story is amazing - and his photography rocks. If you are having a bad day - go RUN read some of his stuff. He is funny, he is informative, he is the Dad to the cutest baby girl since Rachel (no really!!), and the husband to one of the most courageous women ever!

Anyway as I read on the blog that they were going home today after all they have lived through in the hospitals I was reminded that it was June 4th. It is my 1st cat's birthday - if she were still alive she would be 30. And while it happens to be Kitty's birthday - no laughing I was 6 when I named her - that is not what reading Nate's blog got me thinking about. I realize that today is the anniversary of when we brought Rachel home from the hospital. Yup 6 years ago on June 4th, 2002 we brought our beautiful almost 5lbs baby girl home. 8 weeks after her birth BUT 3 weeks before her due date!!

I also got to thinking - and be careful I am about to go all philosophical here ... why do people say that there are no real miracles? I mean I know that I have personal experience with miracles - neither Rachel or I should actually be here. But we are ... and I can see - for no medically sound reason my eyes got better - I was blind and then suddenly I was not. But those are miracles that noone can deny. I was thinking about those miracles that people don't recognize ... the things like me and Jason looking to buy a house in Fort Morgan that had an interested buyer and not being in love with it. Then buying the house down the block only to find out that the interested buyer was the Allred family. This was no accident - it was what some people call a coincidence - or what I like to call a mini-miracle. I love that God has a plan for us and while I sometimes wish I knew a bit more of that plan - I think He has done a bang up job with my life so far - I think I will just trust Him and His plan!

OK to end on a less philosophical note ... Angie from Simple Scrapbooks Magazine is blogging about our Sweetwater Retreat this past weekend in Fort Morgan. I loved what she had to say about me and Jennifer today ... "Jennifer and Amy are so much fun...these are the kind of best friends you always dreamed of having when you were a little girl. They finish each others' sentences, go on group vacations with their's like they were separated at birth." Just want to point out that this is another one of those miracles - in a million years how did a kid from Halifax Nova Scotia end up meeting a kid from Wichita Kansas in little old Fort Morgan Colorado? It is in the plan people - it is IN the plan!! To read more about our retreat check out Angie's daily postings this week - she is doing a different part of the retreat each day She took fab pics and has a flair for telling the story!!!

OK so with all this said ... my little red-headed miracle is yelling my name. And while it is the middle of the night and Jennifer's fault I am up ... at least I was already awake when Rachel woke up!! So thanks Jen!!!


Nicci said...

awe, your whole post made me cry. I wish everyone would see our miracles for what they really are. I have 2 myself ;)

Angie said...

Wow, what a touching post, I checked out that blog and added it to my favorites.