Monday, June 9, 2008

The Final Countdown

Hi everyone! Jen here - a quick reminder that this weekend is the Walk to Cure Diabetes. The T-Shirts are ordered and they are stinkin' cute if I do say so myself. Jackson is going to love them! We have more people walking with us than ever and most of them are Jackson's friends. It is so wonderful to have all the support around Jackson on a daily basis and even more fun to have everyone walk with us in the search for a cure. Today we are looking for 10 people to donate $10.00. It is so simple and every amount adds up. I know so many of us look at our budgets and say times are tough and I don't have a penny to spare. It is true for me, but I can easily look around and give up Starbucks for a couple of days or place a smaller scrappy order. Can you find a place to cut for one week in support of Jackson? Click on the link above and donate directly under Jackson's name or let me know if you need our address.

We appreciate everyone who has already sent checks or donated online. We are about halfway to our goal and I believe we can still fulfill that goal. God is good! Please pray for our family and for Jackson as we celebrate the special lives of those suffering from this horrible disease.

xo, Jen


emelyn said...

Hey lady!! I've been wanting to donate, but I keep forgetting and I never did get the letter in the mail, but I did get the email.

Please let me know the best way to donate, maybe CC or paypal??

Yippee for Jackson!!

The Cool Chicks said...

The bags are getting ready to be packed!!! YAHOO!

Rachel can't wait for Jack's walk!