Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sensor Days

You have all probably heard the screaming from our home on a pump sensor day, LOL! It is not my favorite day of the week to be sure. Yesterday was this day in our world and I wanted to give you a glimpse of these afternoons in my life.
10:00 am set out insulin and sensor to warm to room temperature
12:00 pm check blood sugar and treat high of 244
12:30 pm anticipate how many grams of carbs Jackson is eating in his lunch and deliver insulin through the pump to get the medicine on board to combat the food. Put on numbing cream for his pump infusion site. From this point on Jackson is not allowed to eat or drink anything with carbs until the sensor is fully turned on and working properly.
1:00 pm insert pump infusion with smaller needle and put on numbing cream for sensor
1:45 pm get Jackson calmed down for sensor insertion
2:00 pm insert sensor with really big needle
2:15 pm attach transmitter and wait 2 hours for initialization into Jackson's bodya
2:30 pm weak signal alarm from pump (why is it not working? lots of worry on the mommy end)
3:00 pm freak out since weak signal won't stop (call Ken, still crying to figure out what to do, he says, call Medtronic)
3:30 pm call to Medtronic to find out why we are having the alarm sound, try to deal with Jackson getting hungry and antsy to go play
4:15 pm Sensor should have turned ony by now, but it has not on this day
4:30 pm Sensor Error Alarm
6:05 pm Finallly, sensor has initialized and we can begin receiving data from the sensor

Basically, yesterday and most every time we insert a new sensor, Jackson is not allowed to eat for close to 6 hours. Try it, it's not easy. And it is really not easy for a 5 year old. It is a long day that is just part of our life right now. I probably hit some scar tissue and that is what caused the alarms, but we truly don't know and we just have to keep troubleshooting until we make it work. Not fun, not fun at all.


Nicci said...


Thank you for giving us even just a tiny glimpse into what goes on in your world! I think most everyone has no idea!

emelyn said...

oh Jen.....big {{HUGS}}!! Jackson is such a brave little boy. He is amazing to go through this so often, it must be tough at such a young age. Jackson, you ROCK!! A cure WILL BE found!!