Friday, August 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle .... scrappy style

Well I have been a scrapping machine this week. I finished 3 month review pages and got these done too.

This one is for the 1st week of the Project Playground Class at Big Picture. I just love Lisa D's style!! We had to use paper with edges this week ... not an easy one for me but I like how this one turned out.

This one is done using a Valerie Salmon sketch. I really like using her sketches! Anyway this layout is about the hockey pool I was in this past NHL playoff season. I was the winner!

The weekend we went to California for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, we also took the kids to a baseball game and they got to run the bases after the game. Rachel was not as fast as Jack and Kenny and fell further and further behind. When Rachel finally finished Jackson said to her "Rachel I smoked 'ya" It was SO funny - I just love the relationship those two have!!!

Did this one for Jennifer's challenge over at 4 Scrappy Sisters. It also fit in with Alicia's Autumn leaves challenge over at Peek. Sadly Jennifer and Kaden do not get these donut dates anymore since Krispy Kreme closed. Rumour has it that they are putting a Ckick-Fil-A in its place. That would make Jennifer VERY happy!!!

And finally - I asked Jason to take a picture of my new outfit to show Jennifer. That picture SUCKED - but he was being a dork and took this totally close up picture of my face. These are the glasses I got while I was in Canada. Normally I would not have bought new glasses there BUT the first morning I was there I woke up to glasses that had been stepped on by several little people - and the glasses were ON A TABLE. Oh well - I love these new ones!!!

Have a great Labour Day weekend!!

xo Amy

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Morgan said...

LOVE the glasses Amy, the look great on your face! Love the layouts too, you've been on a roll!