Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second first day of school

Kenny wanted to know last night if he would be "posted on the blog" today for his first day of school and of course he is! I can't get over how much older he is beginning to look these days. WOW! I have a 4th grader! He was up and out of bed right away this morning asking for his blueberry pancakes we froze earlier in the week in preparation for today. I am sure he will have lots of kid logic to share with me about 4th grade when I pick him up this afternoon. For now, here is Kenny in front of the tree.


Anonymous said...

I like your shirt Kenny Ken!!

xo Mamie

Nicole said...

Great Pic! I love how you have that tree to kinda measure the difference from year to year!

emelyn said...

Awww...Kenny does look so much older! Why do these kids have to grow up so quickly!! Yippee for 4th grade, Kenny!!