Saturday, August 2, 2008

God is Good

I am happy to report Jackson has a brand new insulin pump and is shot free once again. The last 48 hours have taught us so much. 1. That pump is freedom for our family. It means more than you can imagine to a little 5 year old. 2. God answers our prayers. (which we really already knew, but it is nice to be reminded in a BIG way sometimes) We prayed specifically for God's hand to be in Jackson's body and to stabilize his blood sugars while on the insulin shot therapy until his pump arrived. He had no major highs/lows in the last 2 days! God manifested His presence in our home and His spirit comforted all of us. Thank you Lord!!! 3. Crystal Lite Sno cones are as good as the real thing!

In other fun (if you can really call it that when dealing with this disease) news, we found out via 20/20 last night that the youngest Jonas brother also has type 1 Diabetes and wears an insulin pump. It is always good for Jackson to see his "rock stars" battling the same war as he is. He even gives guitar pics to his fans that have diabetes at their concerts. What a sweetie! You can bet I am going to try and get my hands on one for our baby!!!

I will have some layouts to share with you this week. I had some much needed scrappy therapy this afternoon and the mojo was flowin'!

xo, Jen


Deanna said...

Yay for Jackson! So glad he's doing well! And hey girl, you're racking up in the honors over at CC! First the GDT spot and now another Fab Find! You're rockin' some LOs! Which of course is why I tagged you (and Amy--where ya been Amy?) for a great blog! Check my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

yeah for Jack!!! Yeah for you!! And yeah for Crystal Lite!!!

xo Amy

emelyn said...

oh BLESS your heart, Jackson!! I'm so glad this pump is working and I'm still praying for a darn cure!!