Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Did It!!!

Well I did it ... I just sent off my application to the Scrapdango ( design team. They have awesome kits there and Jennifer and I are thinking about getting the combo kit each month ... $55 for both the Sugar and the Spice kits. What a great idea to have a boy centered and girls centered kit. Perfect for Jennifer and I to share - since she has all the spice and I have all the sugar.

Speaking of sugar and spice ... I have to say that Miss Rachel seems to be WAY more spice at the moment. She has been held in at recess twice this week so she could finish up her work. I say twice so far because she is at school for day 3 right now. She is easily distracted (I know this ALL too well) and her teacher told me that if there were no other kids around she would never have any problems getting her work done. However like the rest of us Rachel lives in the real world and hopefully she will get less distracted as she gets older. For now - she will have to continue missing part of her recess - too bad it does not seem to be bothering her - ARGH!!


The Cool Chicks said...

WTG! I am so excited for you and I know you would do a fantastic job my friend! Good luck!

emelyn said...

go, go, go!! You can totally do it, Amy...your layouts are fantastic!!

aww, poor rachel...I bet she is still as sweet as can be :)

Julie said...

Hi Amy, it is julie from scrapdango! Just saying hi and that I really like your blog! Good luck!