Monday, January 7, 2008

The Stash Diet and where we are at

Well we are 5 weeks into the stash diet now. It has been so much fun looking through my stuff. And it has also been fun to see some friends joining in with us and trying to create without buying!

Jennifer is up to about 25 layouts I think - with several being design team ones that she has been working very hard on. I can't wait until she can post them - because they sound awesome. I split out my pages and my projects and I am trailing her in the layout department. I only have 15 pages completed. But I was very surprised to see that in December I created 20 projects that count towards the 50 page goal. I have decided to push myself ( as has Jennifer) to create 50 actual layouts before I call this diet done. I think I can still get it done before the CHA stuff starts to arrive and has me wanting to shop shop shop!

Christmas break officially ended today as well - Rachel was so excited to go to school today - I am not sure she could think about how tired she must have been. She was awake at least 3 times last night and at one point she was awake for at least 45 minutes. I figure she will be taking a nap as soon as she gets home and I think I am going to have to join her as when she was up last night SO was I!! It seems like the break flew by - but I guess that is because I was down and out with the flu for 7 days of it!!

We have started a new way of posting challenges at Mojo ... Jennifer will post Sundays and I will post Saturdays. Be sure to check out the challenge threads everyday to see what the rest of the DT has in store for you!

That's all my ramblings for today - hope you have a great Monday!!


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow congrats on your progress! I fell off the wagon after 1 day. I just can't do it. More power to you!!!

BethieJ said...

I was doing really well until TODAY! I had to get some more paper ~ I had done my joy layout, and then KNEW I wanted that paper for the kids so I had to go order some, and a few other LITTLE things! SIGH! BUT I got 7 2page layouts done, and a single to finish of a double that was half done, plus cards! All this month! I am VERY happy!!
PLUS I am doing BPS LOAD too! I hope to hit 31 this month! TO COOL!
THANKS for a GREAT challenge, I am starting back at one, and shooting for 50, hoping to make 20 before shopping! HA HA! SORRY for the long post! See ya at peek!!

Here is what I have so far! THANKS for a GREAT challenge!!