Saturday, January 5, 2008

Layout A Day Challenge

So Jennifer and I both signed up for the Big Picture Scrapbooking class - L.O.A.D. (Layout A Day). We are on day 5 and have both decided we really like the challenge of getting a page done for each day in January - with no requirements as to what the LO has to be!! By the end of January this class will push us over the 50 layout Stash Diet requirement.

It has been so fun doing the stash diet! I have been using papers that I loved when I bought them, but never used them. I have been searching through my stash to find embellies while planning pages. It has been super fun! And I have been organizing my stuff as I am doing this! It reminded me that the new year's resolution - buy stuff with a purpose and use it right away - is a good one for me. There are so many awesome things in my stash that I had to have because they were so cute or pretty - and yet there they sit in my storage containers! Not for long though - I am going to get to using the stuff!

Took Rachel and her friend to the park yesterday and while they played I wrote in my page planning book - even did some sketches. I would like to try and do this more - it will help me with my picture printing costs. I have so many pictures that I have printed and then I decide - well I want that one in 5x7 and I really don't need 6 pictures of Rachel doing that. Total waste of money - so hopefully my page planning will help with these costs!

I leave you now with the first 5 layouts I have done for the LOAD class ...

van der Kooi Tree '06 - Jennifer said this one does not even count as scrapbooking and I tend to agree - but I just wanted to get these pictures on a page!!

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BethieJ said...

GREAT layouts Amy!
and ANY photos on a page and in an album is scrappen to me! LOL! You go girl get them done!! (I need to take my own advice!!!
Have a GREAT night girls!
See ya at Peek!!!
((Hugs)) Beth