Friday, May 9, 2008

The Cat can stay - she has earned her keep!

Well yesterday I was sitting at the computer typing when I heard the cat making noises with paper. When I went to get her - I did not see her - turns out she was asleep on the couch. Well I brought her into the computer room and she got instantly interested in where the noise was coming from. THEN I saw IT .... the little brown creature scurring as fast as it could.

EEEEKKK I DO NOT LIKE mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got advice from my 2 sisters - Sarah told me to live trap it and put it in a cage as a pet. WHATEVER freak! Then Jennifer suggested - maybe it is a RAT. THANK-YOU Jennifer NOT!!!

Needless to say I was pretty insistant that the cat DO HER job. At the SPCA they said she was a great mouser. She spent the entire day ASLEEP on the couch. WHAT KIND OF MOUSER sleeps ALL day?!!! My sister told me there was no way the cat would ever catch the mouse. Watching dear sweet grey Jennifer all day it was becoming apparent that Sarah might be correct. I went to bed - still no progress in ridding my house of its newest guest.

I got up this morning and having completly forgotten about the mouse I went into the computer room. Jennifer was pushing something on the floor. Upon closer inspection it became clear that she had done her job. I will not put all the details - but she made a clean kill and left only a small part to identify. I think Jennifer (the person) might have been right - the nose looked like that of a rat.

So the cat can stay - she has earned her KEEP!


emelyn said...

EEK!! I can't stand mice! WTG, Jennifer! You did GREAT!

Morgan said...

OMG, I would have left the house! I hate furry little things... mice and rats. My cat would have probably been more scared of it than me.

At least you didn't have to pay for an exterminator or something, that would have been my first thought!