Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fort Morgan here we come!!!

I hope they can handle all 8 of us again. Amy and her family left this morning for the 10 hour drive and Ken and I with the boys will fly out in the morning. We are descending on the little town where we became friends and taking a little break from life for bit. Amy and I will go to the Sweet Retreat at the Sweetwater House for the Simple Scrapbooks weekend and the boys will spend the first 2 days hanging out with old friends. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and having some good ole "van der red" time together, LOL! This is the first time all 5 of my family has been back at the same time and the boys have really changed since we moved. It will be such a blessing to see all those people who supported us during some difficult times. I can't wait for them to see Jackson's new insulin pump and sensors and see how big Kaden is. It should be a good time! See you when we get home!!


BethieJ said...

I hope you all had a GREAT time!!! I hope there are some photos to share!!

Nicci said...

I am so sorry i missed you guys! I was so bummed :(

wendy smedley said...

It was so much fun to meet you-
Hope to run into you again some time soon!