Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're Having a Heat Wave ....

... and I think it is going to last for the summer!!! Today's highs are supposed to be 101F in Midland and 96F in Fresno. And those are just the forcasts - it could go higher (let's hope for lower) UGH!!!!!!

Here is what the map looks like - check out ALL that dang red where we both live. YUCK!!!

Last night just after Jason got home from work our power went out. It was so hot - 97 - and the air went out. It flickered a few times just to get our hopes up. BUT nope it was out - the house started to warm up - I started to worry. Jennifer looked it up for us on the computer and found there had been a car accident. Turns out a truck ran into a power pole and took out a transformer and several power lines. The accident was fairly close to our street - so no power for us. But the power company workers were quick to get it fixed and the power was back on in time to cool the house down for sleeping.

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Nicole said...

I feel your Heat pain up here in Sac! LOL Glad you got your power back on!