Friday, May 16, 2008


Last night was Rachel's Kindergarten graduation. This is something new to me - we did not have graduation from Grade Primary (as it was called where I grew up). But this was a full on ceremony. The kids did their end of the year performance - How my Body Works - which was totally cute with some pretty funny moments too. Then we had a short intermission while the teachers got the kids ready for their "graduation". The kids all walked in by class and sat in their seats.

The Superintendant of the school said a few words and then the Elementary principal introduced the speaker - who is a Pastor well known to the kids. He comes to talk at Chaple once a month. I was amazed that he was able to hold the kids' attention for as long as he did - given than it was 7:45 by that time. After "Mr Bill" was done talking it was time to receive certificates. The kids walked across the stage individually and received them from the Superintendant - then the President of the Board moved their 2008 tassles to the opposite side of their caps. Their principal read out their names and gave special certificates to the children who had made perfect scores on the Standardized tests from March.

While I am not sure that finishing Kindergarten is worth all the pomp and circumstance that it got last night - Rachel was sure proud of herself and looked SO cute!!


Lisa Swift said...

Congratulations, Rachel! You look adorable in your cap and gown. Tell Mommy that I'd like to see a LO real soon, OK?


emelyn said...

AWW!! Super congrats, Rachel!! I am so proud of you and you look adorable in your cap and gown!!

CONGRATS to you, big girl!!

Anonymous said...

who cares if it really doesn't mean a whole lot? She looks darn cute and the layouts will be darling! LOL!