Friday, May 2, 2008

He is Good - All the Time

And what better reminder of that than a Lincoln Brewster concert at our church tonight. WOW! Did I ever need it after the past week. It is awesome when you realize the Lord has brought you to a place because you are empty (and you really didn't even know it) and He wants to fill you up with his truth and goodness. The fact is that it is hard to be the mom of these three little guys right now and the truth is that God cares and is present in every moment of my day. He is Good all the time -through every struggle, tear, and worry. He is Good! Hallelujah!!! What a rockin' good time we had praising the Lord with our oldest boys tonight. The Holy Spirit was there and it was good.

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emelyn said...

I totally feel that I need that all the time. It's so hard having kids :(
I spent all Sat AM yelling and crying. It was horrible.

This is my favorite quote of all time!
""May you trust God you are exactly where you are meant to by."" --St. Theresa