Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be a Hero - Don't Do Drugs

Yup it is that time of the year at Rachel's school again this year. The theme for anti-drug week is heroes. Today they were asked to dress up as their favourite super hero. Thanks to Jennifer Rachel looked great. You may remember that when we did the walk to cure diabetes in June, our shirts had a logo similar to the Incredibles one - only we had a J - for Jack's Pack. Well Rachel wore that shirt, a red skirt, black tights and boots and we made an incredible mask with paper. As you can see she looked pretty good. Also - since this is her Jack's Pack shirt ... she will be telling everyone who will listen all about Jack and why we do the JDRF walk - always good to spread the word about the Walk to Cure Diabetes!! Tomorrow is camouflage day, no 'theme' on Thursday and Friday is patriotic day.

Oh and last night was the annual ICK fest at our house - well OK Rachel and Jason refer to it as the most fun with vegetables. BUT I so do not like the smell or the feeling of pumpkin carving. I am there to photograph and ooh and ahh over the creations ONLY. I do not cut, scrape or remove any parts of the pumpkin. Anyway here is how they turned out this year - quite cute actually!

Have a great Tuesday!

- Amy

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emelyn said...

Rachel, you are too cute!! LOVE the outfit and it's perfect for the theme! And eek! I feel the same way about pumpkins..LOL!