Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Morning Musings ....

So I am sitting here, deleting spammers from the Scrappin Mojo. It is amazing to me how many we get in 24 hours. In the last month I have deleted Sarah Palin, Brad Pitt, George Clooney - just to name a few of the celebs who are hitting the spamming world - haha.

Anyway I am sitting here and drinking my water. I DO not like drinking water - I would go so far as to say I hate drinking water - well maybe not hate but I REALLY DISLIKE it!! Now if I am outside in the heat or I am doing physical activity - I can slug back water with the best of them. Otherwise I simply force myself to drink water - 'cause I know it is good for me - blah blah blah. It does not make it any easier to drink. Plus I like it ice cold so I am freezing when I drink it. I have tried drinking it without the ice because I hear the body is 'less shocked' by the warmer fluid. Yeah well less shocked or not - my body does not like tepid or even cool water. So while it is a beautiful fall day here I sit in a fleece jacket freezing from the inside out. Remember that I am in West Texas so the term 'fall' is a loose term for what the weather is actually like. Although it has started to cool down - it is still not the fall I am used to. Today I have all the windows and the back door open so I have some fresh air flowing through the house!!

I am getting ready for my scrappy filled weekend - yup that is me dancing in my chair. Don't forget to check out the Just Create crop - it starts at 4pm EST today. Yippee!


xo Amy

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