Monday, October 6, 2008

A little boy's dream come true

A new friend of mine invited Kaden and I over to her home this morning for a "fire truck party" - in reality a fire safety lesson with an engine and 3 real life firemen. Did you know they will come out to your home and bring an engine and conduct a little safety lesson? All you have to do is ask. The boys got to dress in their costumes and hats and see the engine up close and personal. Kaden was a bit scared of the the men in gear, but it was a good experience for him to see them, just in case. He finally warmed up and let me sit him in the truck to snap a few pics. I know, I am shameless, all for the scrapbook. LOL! However, I did have a great conversation with one of the men about our own family and the things we can do to be prepared in the event our home catches on fire. Thank you to the men of Engine 14!!!


The Cool Chicks said...

DANG that kid is CUUUUUTE!!

Kadeb - glad you got on the truck - Maime loves the pictures!

emelyn said... totally cool to hang out with a fire truck!! That's so nice of the firemen to actually go to someone's home and host a class. Bravo for them!!