Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A special kind of normal

It was a normal average day with a few wonderful surprises built in. A mom's job doesn't end on her birthday, but the boys did their best to try to give me a few moments of special-ness.

Here is a run down of my day -
1. Wake up to Jackson with a high blood sugar of 444.
2. Make Kenny change out of winter clothes for this warm October day.
3. Counsel Kenny on making amends to a friend he hurt.
4. Drop Jackson off and apologize for his possible craziness.
5. Get gas at only $3.39/gallon at Costco (thought I was getting a steal until I talked to Natalie and she said gas is $2.49/gallon in Wichita today - ugh!)
6. Run to grocery store for a few baking goods to make the yummy Oatmeal Spice Cake from Sweetwater retreat
7. Go home and talk to Amy while I tidy up.
8. Upload sneak peeks of November projects for 4 Scrappy Sisters
9. Pick up Jackson from Kindergarten
10. Got bagels and cream cheese for lunch at Uncle Harry's
11. Picked Kenny up at 1:30 pm as it was a minimum day
12. Helped Jackson and Kenny with homework and played with Kaden
13. Baked cake and received package for Amy with adorable birthday gifts
14. Jackson off to soccer practice, loaded dishwasher, attempted to watch Oprah
15. Received edible arrangement from Ken
16. Made Chip Dip Chicken for supper and got to girl talk with my dear sister
17. Opened presents from Ken and boys (they really spoiled me)
18. Ate an early supper so boys could get ready for Tae Kwon Do
19. Dropped Kenny and Jackson off at Tae Kwon Do
20. Came home and cleaned up supper dishes
21. Played with Kaden.
22. Vacuumed out car in preparation for field trip tomorrow
23. Vacuumed bedrooms as Kaden ate candy corn Hershey kisses while I was vacuumming out car.
24. Played with Kaden. (do you see a theme here, LOL)
25. Listened to "Happy Birthday" song complete with Cha Cha's and enjoyed the cake with french vanilla whipped cream on top.

It was an ordinary day made extraordinary by those that I love! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
xo, Jen


BethieJ said...

JEN! Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope your day was great! That was some LIST of your day girl!!
I wanted you to know I gave you the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award!! Posted it on my blog and a link to your girls blog!
Have a GREAT day!!

Natalie said...

Update on gas ... it is now $2.41! Be jealous :)