Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A complete Hodge Podge

This week has been a crazy mix of sadness over my parents leaving, frustration with the sensors, excitement for Christmas just right around the corner, and a little sneaky unwrapping of Secret Santa gifts both here and in Midland.

First things first, Jackson received his Golden Sneaker award yesterday and was so proud. He is taking it to school tomorrow to show all his friends who helped us raise money for JDRF. And speaking of JDRF, I am the Family Teams Walk Chair for the 2008 walk here in Fresno in June. I get to personally contact all the teams as they register for the walk and offer support as they begin their fundraising efforts. We also get to tell our family story at the Walk Kick-Off. Yay!

The sensors are a frustrating necessity in Jackson's life. Troubleshooting is difficult, but worth it to see the trends in his blood sugars. I have been praying rather fervently this week for a cure while I am checking blood sugars until 1:00 a.m. UGH!

The stash diet is going super fabulous! I finished 3 pages just this afternoon and now I am really on a roll! Can you tell that the teacher gifts are finally done? LOL!
Here are the ones from this afternoon, I got started on Disney pictures and can't wait to get more printed now.

I will leave you with a sweet story about the kindness of strangers. Yesterday it rained all day long! It was by no means a downpour, but a steady rain, for sure. After a short meeting with the coordinator of the Fresno walk at Starbucks I was attempting to get the boys and all my stuff in the car in the rain. A kind and sweet gentleman walked up and handed me a brand new umbrella and said, "looks like you need this, Merry Christmas!" I could have squeezed him for his kindness. I am going to get another new umbrella for my car to pay it forward for the next rain storm.
See, I told you it was a hodge podge! :D


Going For Greatness said...

What an exciting day for Jackson! I'm SO proud of him! He's such an awesome kid!!!!
You sure are keeping busy!! I wish we lived close. I'd love to meet you at Starbucks for a quick cuppa !!
Your story about the man with the umbrella is heartwarming!! It gives me hope that there really IS still kindness out there!!
You're doing a great thing if you do get an umbrella and pay it forward! I will do the same.... his kindness started a trend :)
Thanks for sharing!!

MsGrace said...

How cool about the golden sneaker.
That is a fabulous story about the man with the umbrella. I love the RAK... Pay it forward idea you have. You Rock!

Morgan said...

Wow, how sweet of that gentleman. I think I'm going to get an umbrella for my car too, to do the same thing!