Sunday, December 23, 2007

Distance stinks

So I have been scrapping away - trying to use up the stash. It feels good to finally get back to scrapping actual pages and not just making presents. Don't get me wrong I love making things for people - but at the end of the day I am a scrapbooker and I love to play with my pictures and my scrappy goodies. Well one of my favourite pictures was of Jackson and Rachel. Jennifer snapped it about 30 minutes after we arrived in California.

Jennifer and I talk on the phone often and while the distance stinks we are adults and we know that we will see each other eventually. The kids don't have this daily interaction - because let's face it two 5 year olds on the phone does not make for great conversation ... they are only interested in what they are saying, the talk into the wrong part of the phone and we hear a lot of "What" and "Whad 'ya say". I was wondering how long it would take for the kids to warm up to each other when we got to the hotel at Disneyland. Once Rachel figured out that there was no way in the world Jennifer was going to teach her how to knit that night - she turned to Jackson, wanted to get her jammies on immediately and they made plans for a sleepover.

Here is the layout I did to showcase this fabulous picture ... their faces say it all!!!

It reminds me of the very first picture I have of the two of them together - this one was taken Oct 12, 2004 in my backyard in Fort Morgan. Jason and Rachel planted a garden every year and this was one of the carrots from that summer's garden ... look how little they were - Rachel is 2 1/2 and Jack is a few months shy of 2 in this one. Still one of my all time favourite pictures!!

So while distance stinks - I am glad to know that it does not seem to have affected the relationship between my baby girl and her best friend Jackson!! Warms my heart!

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Nicole said...

Love the LO! You guys are doing a great job on your stash diet!