Thursday, December 6, 2007

Simplify - continued

Well the stash diet is ON. So far I am up to 3 layouts (1 actual layout and two altered projects).

I made this Jacob's ladder book the other night. Found the instructions on It took a while to make, but it is so fun!!!!

Also - mom decided that she would buy Rachel's new cowboy boots for Christmas. I was given instructions to let her pick them out herself. Of course I kept showing the brown ones, the cute beige and pink ones, even a pair with blue embridered flowers on the beige swede. This is what we left the store with ...

If I had called and told mom that she chose the cute beige and pink ones I would have heard "No she did not - go back and let her choose". So now I have these and she wears them only with skirts. For the people who know Rachel they would agree that these are the boots that she would have chosen. She thinks they are fabulous! I guess that is all that counts!!


Morgan said...

So cute! I'm up to three layouts too, and it's really hard not to shop! Good thing it's the holidays or I'd be in trouble!

Those boots are great, definately worth a layout ;)

Going For Greatness said...

LOVE the Jacob's ladder book! How cool is THAT!!
Ok.. so ya gotta just work with her on the boots... they are, afterall, the most fantastic little girl cowboy boots EVER! My 5 year old is standing here DROOLING asking me, "WHO MADE THOSE?!" lol
see? so yeah they're just the perfect ones, I agree with Rachel 10000% !! lol