Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The vanderkooi Christmas Tree Part DEUX

OK so here it is the 18th of December and we have had to decorate ANOTHER tree. Yes our first tree - which was tall and beautiful and smelled yummy - died. Yes I know that once the tree is cut down it is already technically dead BUT like flowers they stay nice and pretty in the water in the house for at least a few weeks. However this tree sooooo did NOT. It turned this weird brownish/green colour and it smelled SO bad! We changed all the water in the tree stand (my husband is an geeky engineer and set up a siphon system) - the new water made the tree perk up a little, but the smell was still yucky! Then we cut the bottom off to see if that would help - it did not - the smell was still awful. We decided to get a new tree and when Jason emptied the tree stand to clean it - the water had a weird purple tone and the bottom of the tree was black as charcoal. Very strange!

Anyway after much discussion we went out to find a new tree ... afterall you can't have a smelly brown tree in the house for Christmas. We went back to the tree lot to check things out there and I just could not bring myself to pay another $60 for a 5ft tree. So then we went to Home Depot and they had tons of trees and they were much more reasonably priced. The one we picked is kind of short and squat and rather rectangular in shape ... but it looks cute all decorated. Rachel put the angel on top last night and so we we are now ready for Santa to come and celebrate Jesus' birthday!


Morgan said...

Hmm, I've never heard of that... you should tell the people that sold it to you and get some $$ back, the point of a Christmas tree is to have it for Christmas!?

Glad you found another one, it's too cute, squatty but cute!!

Jana Eubank said...

That's so weird! Black and purple . . . are those new colors for Christmas this year?! LOL! I agree with Morgan. See if you can get your money back! Your new tree is darling!