Thursday, December 20, 2007

van der Kooi tree Saga part TROIS

Yes - you read that correctly PART THREE. How can there be more to the story of the 2007 Christmas tree at our house you might ask. Well I am happy with our new squat little tree - he is fufilling his Christmas destiny and actually is a very sweet little tree in the corner of the room. He smells pretty and holds the ornaments very nicely. I have taken to calling him Frank - and I think he likes his name.

Last night at 2am we heard a crash - I thought the cat had broken a glass in the kitchen. Jason jumped up and about 5 minutes later I heard another crash. This one woke Rachel up and I yelled - are you OK to Jason to which his reply was NO! I jumped up thinking he was hurt - nope just mad because the 1st crash was the tree falling down .. the 2nd one was it falling down AGAIN after Jason had stood it back up. One of my childhood ornaments broke (from 1975) and then the beautiful handmade ornament that we got when Rachel was born lost a wing - she is now a one winged angel (till I get my glue to fix her). Our family 2002 ornament has a little chip - can be fixed with paint. The one I am really sad about is the special 2000 one that Jason's mom gave us - it was from a set of 3 and it is not even recognizable anymore :( As for the rest of the broken ones - they are just round balls that can be replaced. Frank is now anchored to the wall in true Nova Scotia fashion

May this be the last in the continuing story about our Christmas tree this year!!!!!

OH and as for me and the stash diet ... I did 3 - count em 3 layouts last night!!! So I think I am up to 15!!!


Jana Eubank said...

LOL! Now this is a scrappable year for you! Hee hee! :)

Morgan said...

Hehe, poor tree! I thought his squatty-ness would have held him in place for sure. Hope he stays put for ya!

MsGrace said...

Oh poor Frank. I think you should scrap the mangled soecial ornaments & keep hanging them in all their damaged glory. I am sorry that the special ornaments were hurt. that is so stinky.


Michelle Lanning said...

OMG - so sorry about your ornaments!!