Saturday, July 12, 2008

really good.

So in my quest for Photo Freedom (which I have fully embraced) I tackled the towering stacks of layouts yesterday afternoon. WOW! I purchased 12 or so albums awhile back thinking that should get me organized with empty albums waiting in the wings when I needed them. Boy was I wrong!!! Just this afternoon I filled my 10th album!!!! OMGoodness! That is the craziness that was my layout organization. It is somewhere around 400 hundred layouts. Does that sounds right?
Yep. I just went and counted again. HOLY COW!!!! So I placed another order with the Scrappin' Grannies this afternoon so that this NeVEr happens again. But now my 4 current albums are all nice and pretty with little tags tied on with ribbons and the other volumes are organized according to the same 4 themes. I am jazzed about the possibilities I see with this system on the layout side of things. I will get a picture soon. It is good. REalLy Good.
For example, I take lots of pictures at Halloween and I LOVE making pages from them. Think, more than 6 pages from last year and I still have a few more pics I might like to get on pages too. Hmmm... I feel like busting some of that out. I digress, I see that Halloween will eventually take over its own volume in the "things we do" category of layout books. Then we can look at all our Halloweens over the course of time whenever we want without going through an album for each year. It is so much fun and I am excited to see how our family history unfolds as I continue to document "US". Again with the Good.
It is still hot here, but not in the 110's. That is good. More than GOOD. I am planning some crafts for an upcoming crafty night at my house later this month with my mom's group and organizing some handmade cards to sell. (I have a ton so if you need any, let me know) I have gotten into a really good habit of making cards from my scraps after I have made a few pages and it feels like I am in a groove now.
I am off now to play wii. My trainer is kicking my tail, but it feels good. REALLY GOOD.
xo, Jen


Anonymous said...

I'll add to the good. The Church strawberry social was fun tonight and my sister's entire crew came out. It was GOOD!

Miss ya!
xo Amy

Sharon said...

Good for you Jen - it does feel good to fill up those albums! I have 2 more ordered and ready to fill. I have yet to do my pretty tags, though. You have motivated me to get that done this week! :)

Laura S. said...

good work Jen...I need to do this myself.

So is the Wii cool? I have added dance dance revolution to my normal work out routine & it is fun fun fun!